Will Olly Rix Return to Call the Midwife Amid Dramatic Exit? Know All About Olly Rix

Headline: Olly Rix Bids Farewell to “Call the Midwife” Character, Leaving Fans Speculating

Olly Rix, best known for his role as Matthew Aylward in the popular TV series “Call the Midwife,” has parted ways with the show, leaving fans curious about the future of his character. In the thirteenth season, viewers were surprised as Matthew said goodbye to his wife Trixie, played by the talented Helen George, and headed to New York. While his departure was unexpected, there had been hints circulating for some time. Matthew’s decision to leave in pursuit of a business opportunity in New York caused a rift between him and Trixie, who chose to remain in London.

The Future of Matthew’s Character

Fans are left wondering whether Olly Rix’s exit from the show is permanent or if there’s a chance of his return. While no definitive decisions have been made, reports suggest that the show’s creators are open to the idea of bringing him back in the future. Olly Rix himself has expressed interest in reprising his role if the opportunity arises. This possibility has sparked anticipation among fans, who eagerly await the potential return of Matthew to the series.

The Impact of Matthew’s Departure

Matthew’s departure undoubtedly left viewers saddened, yet it plays a significant role in the evolving narrative of “Call the Midwife.” The series is known for delving into important historical themes and depicting changing dynamics in relationships over time. Matthew’s exit adds complexity to the storyline, leaving fans intrigued about what will unfold next.

Speculation and Depth in the Show

Although Olly Rix’s departure created a void in “Call the Midwife,” his absence has sparked speculation among viewers. The possibility of his return has enriched the show’s storyline, keeping audiences engaged and invested. While it’s uncertain whether Matthew Aylward will make a comeback, his departure has left a lasting impression on fans.


Q: Will Olly Rix return to “Call the Midwife”?
A: While there is no confirmation, there is a possibility of Olly Rix returning to the show in the future.

Q: Why did Matthew’s character leave the show?
A: Matthew made the decision to pursue a business opportunity in New York in hopes of improving his reputation.

Q: How does Matthew’s departure impact the storyline?
A: Matthew’s departure adds complexity and intrigue to the narrative, leaving fans wondering what will happen next.

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