PEI Awards 2023: Schedule, Time and Date, Where To Watch & Winners List

PEI, a prominent technology company, has consistently received praise for its outstanding contributions to the tech industry. Throughout 2023, PEI received numerous prestigious awards and accolades, highlighting its commitment to both customer safety and technical excellence.

Achieving the Microsoft Security Badge

In 2023, PEI reached a significant milestone by earning the Microsoft Security badge, recognizing their dedicated efforts to protect customers from online threats. This achievement underscores PEI’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest security standards across their services.

Ranked among the Top 10 Azure Partners

Cloudtango, a reputable tech evaluation platform, ranked PEI among the top 10 Azure Partners in the United States, showcasing their exceptional expertise and excellence in delivering Azure services.

Leading Managed Services Provider (MSP)

PEI continued to assert its leadership as a premier Managed Services Provider (MSP), maintaining its position nationally and in Denver. Cloudtango’s recognition of PEI as a top MSP in the United States further solidifies the company’s reputation for delivering outstanding services and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Expertise in Networking Services and Azure Solutions

In 2022, PEI demonstrated its technical proficiency across various domains. Notably, the company specialized in Networking Services within Azure, showcasing advanced expertise and skills. Additionally, PEI received recognition for efficiently migrating infrastructure workloads to Azure and implementing Microsoft 365 solutions, highlighting their ability to deliver seamless and efficient solutions to clients.

Consistency in Managed Services Excellence

In 2022, Cloudtango reaffirmed PEI’s position as a top 100 U.S. MSP, reflecting the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence in the managed services sector. PEI was also honored as ScalePad’s Advisory Council Partner of the Year, recognizing their significant contributions to research endeavors. These accolades underscore PEI’s consistent performance and significant impact in the industry.

Acknowledgments in 2021

In 2021, PEI continued to receive recognition as a top 100 Managed Services Provider in the U.S. and a top 50 Azure Provider by Cloudtango. Additionally, PEI was honored by Redmond Channel as a top 350 U.S. Microsoft Partner, further affirming their commitment to delivering valuable solutions and ensuring client satisfaction.

Diverse Technical Capabilities

Over the years, PEI has been praised for its digital marketing efforts and has attained several Microsoft Gold Competencies, showcasing their diverse technical expertise across various technology domains.

In summary, PEI’s sustained achievements and recognitions demonstrate their unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction in the tech industry. These awards solidify PEI’s position as a premier technology firm and a trusted partner for organizations seeking top-tier solutions.


Q: What notable achievements did PEI accomplish in 2023?

A: In 2023, PEI earned the Microsoft Security badge for their efforts in protecting customers from online threats, and they were ranked among the top 10 Azure Partners in the U.S. by Cloudtango.

Q: How has Cloudtango recognized PEI?

A: Cloudtango recognized PEI as a top MSP in the U.S. and among the top 10 Azure Partners in the country.

Q: What expertise does PEI possess in Azure services?

A: PEI specializes in providing Azure services, including Networking Services, migrating infrastructure workloads to Azure, and implementing Microsoft 365 solutions, showcasing their proficiency in delivering efficient solutions to clients.

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