Zoo Season 6 Release Date, Recap, Cast, Review, Plot, Spoilers, Streaming, Schedule & Where To Watch?

Zoo Season 6: Latest Updates and Release Date

Renewal Status of Zoo Season 6

News: The Zoo series on Animal Planet has gained popularity among numerous viewers, especially those with a penchant for animal-centric shows. Although the production studio has not made an official declaration about the renewal of Season 6, there is no cancellation either. This uncertainty has left fans optimistic about the series making a comeback. Stay tuned for updates on the renewal status, and we’ll keep you informed as soon as information becomes available.

The Storyline of Zoo

Set in a rescue zoo merely 10 miles away from New York City, Zoo unfolds its narrative within the confines of the renowned Bronx Zoo. Esteemed for its commitment to animal rescue initiatives, the Bronx Zoo is dedicated to nurturing and safeguarding the well-being of various creatures. The show chronicles the endeavors of the zoo’s crew members, who exert relentless efforts in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured animals. Each episode offers a glimpse into the lives of these creatures, emphasizing the significance of love and care in ensuring their welfare.

Conclusion of Season 5

The preceding season of Zoo wrapped up with a total of 18 episodes. In the concluding installment, the crew achieved a successful rescue mission, saving a seal pup named Sydney, who was subsequently embraced into the zoo community. Alongside this triumph, fresh challenges emerged as an Amur tiger grappled with acclimating to its unfamiliar surroundings, and a red kangaroo, along with Troody, joined the zoo. The gorillas, too, were treated to something novel, bringing joy to their lives.

Cast Members of Zoo Season 6

At this time, the production studio has not announced any updates regarding the cast members of Zoo Season 6. However, we can provide details about the cast members from previous seasons:

  • Kevin Hils
  • Susan Schmid
  • Kathleen LaMattina
  • Colleen McCann
  • Pat Thomas
  • John Sykes
  • Annie Rivas
  • Jim Breheny

Ratings of Zoo

Zoo has amassed a considerable following on Animal Planet, captivating fans of all age groups. The show has earned acclaim, reflected in positive reviews and impressive ratings on prominent platforms. IMDb, a widely recognized rating website, awarded the series a notable score of 8.9/10. Moreover, approximately 87% of Google users have expressed their fondness for the show. As the excitement for the upcoming season intensifies, it is evident that Zoo maintains a strong and eager audience.

Episode Count for Season 6

Since its debut on February 18, 2017, Zoo has completed five seasons, featuring varying episode counts each season. The prior seasons consisted of a total of 18 episodes. While the specific episode count for Season 6 remains unconfirmed, it is anticipated to be consistent with or exceed the number of episodes in previous seasons. Any updates regarding the episode count will be promptly shared on our website.

Where to Watch Zoo Season 6

For enthusiasts of animals and captivating wildlife narratives, Zoo Season 6 is a compelling must-watch. The series airs on the Animal Planet network channel. If you prefer online streaming, Zoo is accessible on Amazon Prime Video, requiring a premium subscription to Amazon Prime for viewing. The upcoming season of Zoo will also be accessible on this platform for your convenience.

Why You Should Watch Zoo

Among the array of shows akin to Zoo, what distinguishes it is the unwavering commitment and diligence of its crew members. Their dedication has been instrumental in the show’s success, offering not just entertainment but also imparting valuable lessons on proper treatment and care for animals. If you have an affinity for series centered around animals, this ongoing production from Animal Planet is undeniably a worthwhile and enriching watch.

Similar Shows to Watch

If you enjoyed watching Zoo, there are other series that can provide a similar experience. Here are a few recommendations for you:

  • World’s Funniest Animals
  • Animal Kingdom
  • The Crown
  • Vagabond

Zoo Season 6 Trailer

The anticipation among the Zoo fanbase is palpable as they eagerly await the release of Season 6, with the trailer for the upcoming season being a highly awaited glimpse. Unfortunately, as of now, there have been no updates regarding the renewal of Zoo Season 6 or the release of its trailer. Rest assured, we are committed to sharing updates promptly as soon as they become available.

This article has comprehensively covered all available updates on Zoo Season 6. To stay abreast of future developments in this ongoing series, stay connected with our website. We are dedicated to keeping you informed about any new developments regarding Zoo Season 6. Feel free to share these details with friends or family who share an interest in this captivating series.


1. Is Zoo Season 6 confirmed?

At the moment, there is no official confirmation regarding the renewal of Zoo Season 6. However, fans are hopeful for its return.

2. Where can I watch Zoo Season 6?

Zoo Season 6 can be watched on the Animal Planet network channel or streamed on Amazon Prime Video with a premium subscription.

3. How many episodes will Zoo Season 6 have?

The exact episode count for Zoo Season 6 has not been confir

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