Who Is Love Is Blind’s Jessica? Season 6 Star And Executive Assistant

Love is Blind

News: The internet is abuzz with the widely acclaimed series Love is Blind, conceived by Chris Coelen and brought to life by Kinetic Content. Since its premiere on February 13, 2020, this enthralling show has been captivating audiences. Centered around a groundbreaking social experiment, it follows single individuals attempting to discover love and become engaged without laying eyes on each other. The distinctive storyline and plot have garnered a substantial and devoted fanbase.

Jessica’s Last Name

For those acquainted with the show, there might be a curiosity about Jessica’s surname. Jessica Vestal, a standout personality from season 6, garnered recognition for her sharp wit. Despite not finding a romantic match on the show, she became entangled in a complex situation with fellow cast members Jimmy Presnell, Chelsea Blackwell, and Trevor Sova. Her unforgettable remark, “You’re going to choke,” aimed at a suitor who opted to end their relationship, etched itself into the show’s memorable moments.

More About Jessica

Jessica marked her 30th birthday on December 22, 2023, although she was still 29 at the time. Beyond her notable stint on Love is Blind, she embraces the role of a single mother and often shares heartwarming moments with her daughter, Autumn, on various social media platforms. In her professional life, she serves as the executive assistant to the CEO of GCG Wealth Management. Despite her corporate role, she has carved a niche for herself as an influencer and social volunteer, spotlighting her diverse talents.

Follow Jessica

With an active presence on Instagram, Jessica boasts a substantial following of approximately 350K as of February 2024. She keeps her followers informed about her activities through TikTok as well. The upcoming March will bring another joyous occasion for the family as Jessica’s daughter, Autumn, celebrates another year.

Jessica, known for her role on Love is Blind, has become a recognizable figure, and her last name has stirred curiosity among many. This article has compiled the available information about Jessica and her life. 


Q: What is Jessica’s last name?

A: Jessica’s last name is Vestal.

Q: How old is Jessica?

A: Jessica celebrated her 30th birthday on December 22, 2023. However, she was still 29 years old at that time.

Q: What does Jessica do for a living?

A: Jessica works as an executive assistant to the CEO of GCG Wealth Management. Additionally, she has gained fame as an influencer and social

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