Rebel Wilson Reveals Actor Who Took Her Virginity at 35

Rebel Wilson reveals her personal journey of losing her virginity at age 35, hoping to send a positive message to others.

Wilson includes this revelation in her upcoming memoir, set to release on April 2

Not everybody has to lose their virginity as a teenager," says Wilson, advocating for individual readiness over societal pressure.

Wilson recalls feeling embarrassed about the topic as a teenager, often avoiding or sidestepping conversations about it.

"I just did it to get it over with when I was like 23," Wilson recounts one of her deflections to avoid questions.

Feeling pressured by societal timelines, Wilson opens up about her personal experience and hopes to ease the pressure on young people.

Despite being a "late bloomer," Wilson believes her journey would have been different if she were born 20 years later

Wilson reflects on her evolving understanding of her sexuality, opening up to different experiences and feelings over the years.

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