No Season 2 for 1883: It Was a Miniseries

Fans of the Dutton family saga will want to saddle up for this news! While 1883 captivated audiences as a 

Yellowstone prequel, there won't be a Season 2. Creator Taylor Sheridan envisioned 1883 as a complete story, 

offering a glimpse into a specific period - the Duttons' westward journey.  This miniseries format allowed Sheridan 

to explore new historical eras with upcoming projects like 1923 (already airing Season 1) and shows in development 

like 1944 and 2024. So while 1883 may be a ride over, the vast Yellowstone universe continues to expand!

Don't miss the ongoing saga in 1923, following a new generation of Duttons during

the Great Depression, and keep your eyes peeled for future installments like 6666,

set on a modern-day Texas ranch.  The Dutton family's story is far from over!

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