Tim Abell Net Worth: Details About Movie, House, Awards, Films, Income

Tim Abell, a well-known American actor, has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry. His net worth as of 2024 stands at an impressive $6 million, showcasing a remarkable career spanning over three decades. Before rising to fame, Abell served as an Army Ranger, displaying unwavering dedication and discipline.

Notable for his roles in films such as “Desert Thunder” and “Sniper: Special Ops,” Abell’s talent in action-adventure roles has made him one of the most sought-after actors in the field.

Beginning his acting journey in 1990, Abell has remained a prominent figure on screen for 32 years, continuously engaging in diverse projects that highlight his versatility as an actor.

With a net worth of $6 million, Abell has accumulated significant wealth through his varied roles, earning both acclaim and financial success. Currently residing in the Malibu Beach area of California with his family, Abell enjoys the luxuries of a $2.3 million property.

Abell’s wife also boasts substantial wealth, with a net worth nearing $8 million. Together, they lead a comfortable life in Los Angeles, California, owning a countryside estate valued at $8 million.

Tim Abell’s Net Worth Growth:

2023: $6.0 Million

2022: $5.5 Million

2021: $5.0 Million

2020: $4.5 Million

2019: $4.0 Million

2018: $3.5 Million

Born on July 1, 1958, in a small town in Virginia, Tim Abell harbored childhood dreams of becoming a martial artist and joining the Army. Remarkably, by age 18, he had achieved both goals, earning the title of Army Ranger while excelling in three martial arts disciplines. After his dedicated service, Abell transitioned into acting, starting in theaters, where he caught the eye of casting directors with his impressive performances.

In 1990, Abell began his acting career, subsequently appearing in nearly 57 movies and TV series, showcasing his talent and versatility.

In summary, Tim Abell’s journey from an Army Ranger to a successful actor with a $6 million net worth is inspiring and noteworthy. His dedication, talent, and adaptability have solidified his position in the entertainment industry. Abell’s ongoing success and financial achievements underscore his significant contributions to film and television.


Q: What is Tim Abell’s net worth?

A: Tim Abell’s net worth is approximately $6 million.

Q: How old is Tim Abell?

A: Tim Abell, born on July 1, 1958, is currently 64 years old.

Q: What is Tim Abell’s annual income?

A: Tim Abell earns an estimated salary of $0.5 million per year.

Q: How tall is Tim Abell?

A: Tim Abell’s height is 1.78m (5’10”).

Q: Who is Tim Abell’s wife?

A: Tim Abell was previously married to Georgia Lambron.

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