Survivor 46 : Tim Spicer Wife Gimmebiggie, Meet Their Sons

Amidst the excitement surrounding Survivor 46, contestant Tim Spicer has become the center of attention. Fans of the popular reality show are eagerly searching for details about Tim Spicer and his background. In response to the growing interest in Tim Spicer and his family, we aim to provide comprehensive insights into his personal life.

Tim Spicer – A College Coach from Atlanta

Survivor has featured numerous Atlanta residents over its 24-year span, including notable winners like Parvati Shallow, educator Ron Clark, Delta Air Lines flight attendant T-Bird Teresa Cooper, and Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker. Continuing this tradition, Tim Spicer proudly represents Atlanta in the current season. Hailing from the United States, Tim is a college coach with three years of experience in the non-profit sector.

Education and Family Life

During the show, Tim Spicer shared details about his life, including his role as a mentor to high school students. Academically, he graduated from Morehouse College in 2014 with a degree in political science. Tim emphasized his identity as a family man, highlighting the fulfilling life he shares with his wife and children, which has brought them into the spotlight.

Meet Gimmebiggie – Tim’s Wife

Reports indicate that Tim Spicer is married to a woman known as Gimmebiggie, whose real name is Jasmine. Jasmine is active on Instagram under the username @gimmebiggiew, boasting over 800 followers. Additionally, Tim Spicer’s wife manages another Instagram account focused on their family, under the username @thespicerthings, indicating a long-standing committed relationship.

A Proud Family and Parenting Journey

In interviews, Tim Spicer has openly discussed his family life, including his wife and children. He mentioned bonding with them over watching Survivor during the pandemic, a show he became addicted to. Tim recalled advice from Gimmebiggie, urging him to stay positive and remember his presence on TV. Tim and Gimmebiggie have been together for years and became parents several years ago.

Meet Cooper and Carter – Tim’s Sons

Tim and Jasmine are proud parents of two sons named Cooper and Carter, residing in Atlanta. They can be followed on Instagram under the username @trispiceathon. Tim’s athletic background and involvement with children in schools inspire him to share videos of playing baseball on social media.

In Conclusion

Tim Spicer, a college coach from Atlanta, is competing in Survivor 46. Known for his family-oriented nature, Tim shares his life with his wife, Gimmebiggie, and their sons, Cooper and Carter. The family resides in Atlanta and can be followed on Instagram under the username @trispiceathon. Tim’s journey on the show, combined with his commitment to his loved ones, has earned him the admiration and support of viewers.


Q: How long has Tim Spicer been a college coach?

A: Tim Spicer has been a college coach for several years.

Q: What is Tim Spicer’s educational background?

A: Tim Spicer graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in political science.

Q: Where can I follow Tim and his family on Instagram?

A: Tim and his family can be followed on Instagram under the username @trispiceathon.

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