Sonnie Johnson Husband Michael Perkins: Age, Education, Instagram, Net Worth, Salary

Early Years and Academic Pursuits

Recent Developments: Sonnie Johnson, born on September 20, 1980, in Richmond, Virginia, has established herself as a significant figure. After completing her primary and secondary education in her hometown, she furthered her studies at a prestigious university, graduating with a degree in communications.

Venture into Podcasting and Political Commentary

Sonnie Johnson’s foray into radio and writing began with her podcast, #Didshesaythat, where she shares her political opinions and traditionalist viewpoints. However, there are still many aspects of Sonnie Johnson’s life waiting to be explored, which we will delve into shortly.

Achievements in Career

Sonnie Johnson is undeniably a talented individual, achieving notable success in her professional life and earning widespread recognition. While her professional accomplishments have gained attention, her personal life has also piqued the interest of the public.

Personal Details

Although Sonnie Johnson is well-known for her hosting abilities, information about her personal life is limited. She has kept her private matters away from public scrutiny. Despite being married, she has chosen not to discuss her husband openly. However, some online sources suggest her husband’s name is Michael Perkins. Unfortunately, little else is known about him, as Sonnie prefers to keep her personal life strictly confidential. While details about Sonnie and Michael’s relationship remain undisclosed, it is evident that their marriage is filled with happiness, love, and joy.

Family Life

Aside from her significant professional achievements, Sonnie Johnson is also a proud mother. She takes great pride in being a devoted mother to her daughter, who was born in 2005 in Richmond, Virginia, where they continue to reside as a close-knit family. Sonnie cherishes the time spent with her loved ones, embracing a fulfilling family life.

As we conclude this article, it’s essential to note that all the information provided has been gathered from various sources to offer a comprehensive understanding of Sonnie Johnson’s life. We remain committed to updating you with any further developments.


Q: Is Sonnie Johnson still hosting her podcast?

A: Yes, Sonnie Johnson continues to host her podcast #Didshesaythat, where she shares her political insights.

Q: In which city was Sonnie Johnson’s daughter born?

A: Sonnie Johnson’s daughter was born in Richmond, Virginia.

Q: Does Sonnie Johnson discuss her personal life on her podcast?

A: No, Sonnie Johnson prefers to maintain privacy regarding her personal life on her podcast and focuses primarily on delivering political commentary.

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