Secret Class Chapter 206 Release Date, Recap, Cast, Review, Plot, Spoilers, Streaming, Schedule & Where To Watch?

News: The highly anticipated Chapter 206 of Secret Class is set to be released on February 2, 2024. Fans of the manhwa have been eagerly awaiting the next installment, which promises to deliver further excitement with its gripping storyline and intense action sequences that have captivated readers.


Release Date and Spoiler Update

For those unable to wait until the official release, spoilers and raw scans for Chapter 206 will be available starting from January 26, 2024. While official spoilers have not been revealed yet, fans can speculate based on theories and past chapter events.

Chapter Details

In the upcoming chapter, Dae Ho will attempt to reconcile with Lee Eun Hee, expressing his regret and explaining his situation regarding Kim Soo Jin. However, Lee Eun Hee, consumed by hurt and anger, will choose not to respond to his attempts to contact her.

Feeling deeply betrayed by Kim Soo Jin, whom she considered like a sister, Lee Eun Hee will struggle with a mix of emotions. Meanwhile, Kim Soo Jin will grapple with guilt and remorse towards Lee Eun Hee, trying to reach out and find solace.

Despite Kim Soo Jin’s efforts, Lee Eun Hee will adamantly refuse to communicate with her, blaming her for driving a wedge between them and revealing an incestuous relationship between Dae Ho and Kim Soo Jin.

Dae Ho and Kim Soo Jin will face numerous obstacles and challenges in their relationship, dealing with the consequences of their decisions and the reactions of their families. Maintaining secrecy and navigating doubts and controversies will prove challenging.

But it won’t be just Dae Ho and Kim Soo Jin facing difficulties. Dae Ho’s cousin-in-law, Kim Ji Eun, will grapple with personal dilemmas about her pregnancy and future with Dae Ho, while also being intrigued by the events involving Dae Ho and Kim Soo Jin.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo Jin will be torn between conflicting emotions towards Dae Ho and loyalty to her sister, Lee Eun Hee. Suspicious of Dae Ho and Kim Soo Jin’s relationship, she will be determined to uncover the truth, adding complexity to their relationships.

Where to Read

Secret Class is available on Webtoon for readers to catch up on the series or revisit previous chapters. Chapter 206 will also be released on the same platform, allowing fans to continue immersing themselves in the captivating narrative seamlessly.

In summary, Secret Class Chapter 206 promises to be a riveting installment, delving deeper into the intricate relationships and obstacles facing the characters. With its intense storyline and suspenseful moments, fans can expect to be fully engaged by the next chapter of this thrilling manhwa.


Q: Will Dae Ho and Lee Eun Hee reconcile in Chapter 206?
A: It remains uncertain as Lee Eun Hee is still hurt and angry with Dae Ho’s actions.

Q: How will Kim Ji Eun’s pregnancy affect the storyline?
A: Kim Ji Eun’s pregnancy will add another layer of complexity to Dae Ho’s already complicated relationships.

Q: Will Lee Soo Jin uncover the truth about Dae Ho and Kim Soo Jin?
A: Lee Soo Jin’s suspicions will lead her to investigate further and try to uncover the truth.

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