Why is Sam Not on Summer House? Who is Sam? Are Kory and Sam Still Together?

News Update: Samantha Feher, known for her appearance in season seven of Summer House and the spinoff Winter House, will not be returning as a regular cast member to Summer House. However, there is a possibility she might make guest appearances for short periods. It has been decided that she will not have a central role in future episodes or seasons.

The decision for Samantha’s departure could be influenced by various factors. Cast members often choose to explore new opportunities and move on from the show. Additionally, there may have been off-camera disagreements or conflicts contributing to this decision. Whatever the reasons, Samantha’s time on Summer House has come to an end.

Fans may have noticed the buzz surrounding Samantha’s reunion photo, which attracted significant attention. However, not all feedback was positive; some observers noted a change in Samantha’s appearance. While the reason for this change remains uncertain, it’s essential to acknowledge that people’s appearances can evolve over time due to various factors.

In other news, Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer, both featured on Winter House, have ended their relationship. After dating for over a year, the couple has officially split. Samantha confirmed the breakup in December, expressing hurt over Kory’s behavior during his appearance on Winter House season three. Relationships can end for various reasons, and it seems this was the case for Samantha and Kory.

Who is Samantha Feher from Summer House?

Samantha Feher, born on June 5, 1997, in Chatham, New Jersey, is recognized as an Instagram star and fashion influencer. Alongside her modeling career, she has contributed fashion articles to Blase Magazine.

Originally from New Jersey, Samantha is deeply committed to her career, family, and friends. She serves as the CEO and Founder of Feher Agency, which focuses on humanizing marketing through tailored social media strategies. Additionally, she launched Supper Club, a venture specializing in curating wholesale clothing collections for online retailers.

Sam Feher’s relationship with Kory Keefer from Summer House

Sam Feher and Kory Keefer’s relationship began on the set of Winter House after they met at Kyle Cook’s birthday celebration in the Hamptons. Their romance played out on Bravo’s cameras, capturing moments like their first kiss and flirtatious exchanges. Sam expressed the significance of finding love after a prolonged wait, and their commitment was publicly affirmed during Kory and Craig Conover’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in November 2022.

However, despite their promising start, Sam and Kory have recently ended their relationship. Sam revealed feeling hurt by Kory’s actions, leading to the dissolution of their relationship. Romantic relationships often follow intricate paths, and theirs evidently reached an unexpected conclusion.

Additionally, Samantha Feher will not be returning as a regular cast member on Summer House. While she may appear occasionally as a friend, she will not have a significant role in future seasons. Fans have noticed a noticeable change in Samantha’s appearance in her official reunion photo, prompting speculation and discussion.

The breakup of Samantha and Kory’s relationship adds another layer to recent developments. Despite their initial chemistry, Sam’s revelation about Kory’s behavior highlights the complexities of romantic relationships and the possibility of unforeseen endings.


  1. Why is Samantha Feher not returning to Summer House?

A. Samantha Feher will not be returning to Summer House as a regular cast member. The exact reason for her departure is unknown, but it could be due to a desire to explore other opportunities or possible conflicts behind the scenes.

  1. What led to Samantha Feher’s breakup with Kory Keefer?

A. Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer broke up after dating for over a year. The breakup was a result of hurt feelings caused by Kory’s behavior during his time on season three of Winter House.

  1. What is Samantha Feher’s profession?

A. Samantha Feher is an Instagram star, fashion influencer, model, and the CEO and Founder of Feher Agency. She has also written fashion articles for Blase Magazine and founded Supper Club, a company that curates wholesale clothing collections for online retailers.

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