Rapper Badshah US Canada Tour: Who is Rapper Badshah? How to Get Presale Code Tickets?

Announcement: Rapper Badshah, also known as Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, is gearing up for his inaugural tour across the United States and Canada. Named The Paagal Tour 2024, this marks a significant milestone in the Indian artist’s career as he introduces his music to international audiences.

Renowned for hits like “DJ Waley Babu” and “Kar Gayi Chull,” Badshah’s tour itinerary includes major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, and New Jersey. Beyond North America, he’ll also perform in Singapore, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and the Netherlands, making it a comprehensive global journey.

The Paagal Tour 2024 coincides with Badshah’s third studio album, “Ek Tha Raja,” promising an unforgettable experience for fans. With a dynamic setlist featuring over 30 tracks, including favorites like “Garmi,” “Kala Chashma,” and “Paani Paani,” the rapper pledges three hours of non-stop entertainment.

For Badshah, this tour represents a lifelong aspiration to break barriers and reach new horizons through his music. Grateful for the chance to perform internationally, he sees this opportunity as a way to showcase his talent worldwide and connect with diverse fan bases. With electrifying performances and his repertoire of chart-topping hits, Badshah is set to make a lasting impact on the global music scene with The Paagal Tour 2024.

Badshah’s Musical Journey

Badshah, also known as Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, is a prominent figure in the Indian music industry. Renowned for his rap skills and proficiency in multiple languages such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Haryanvi, Badshah’s rise to fame began with his debut track “DJ Waley Babu.” The song quickly climbed the Indian iTunes charts and garnered millions of views on YouTube, marking the start of his successful career.

In addition to his solo work, Badshah has made significant contributions to Bollywood, lending his musical talent to blockbuster films like “Kapoor & Sons,” “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania,” and “Bala.” His collaborations with other artists and knack for creating catchy melodies have solidified his position as one of India’s most sought-after musicians. With his unique style and captivating presence, Badshah has amassed a dedicated fan base not only in India but also internationally.

Achievements and Recognition

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Badshah has received recognition for his groundbreaking achievements. He has been featured multiple times on Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list, cementing his status as one of the highest-earning celebrities in India. Additionally, Badshah made history as the first Indian hip-hop artist to headline the mainstage at UNTOLD, a prestigious global music festival. Driven by his passion for music and determination to push boundaries, Badshah continues to expand the horizons of Indian hip-hop, serving as an inspiration to emerging artists worldwide.

Securing Presale Code Tickets

If you’re eager to secure presale code tickets for events like Rapper Badshah’s upcoming US Canada Tour, there are several strategies you can use to increase your chances. One popular method is to register with specific websites or join fan clubs associated with the event or artist. These platforms often distribute presale codes that grant early access to tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Additionally, staying connected with event organizers or artists via social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook can keep you informed about presale opportunities. Ticketing websites frequently share presale code information through announcements and newsletters as well.

Another option is to become a member of certain credit card companies or mobile apps. Some credit card issuers offer exclusive presale privileges to their cardholders, so it’s worth checking if your card provides such benefits. Similarly, certain mobile apps may offer presale codes as part of promotional activities or partnerships with event organizers. By exploring various affiliations and leveraging memberships, you can significantly improve your chances of securing presale tickets.

If you have contacts who may have access to presale codes, don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire. Event organizers and artists often distribute presale codes to their inner circles or affiliates, so networking with others in the industry could prove beneficial. Once you obtain a presale code, act quickly as tickets tend to sell out rapidly during this exclusive period.

In conclusion, Rapper Badshah’s upcoming US Canada Tour, The Paagal Tour 2024, represents a milestone in his career as he expands his reach to international audiences. With his electrifying performances and hit songs, Badshah aims to make a lasting impact on the global music scene. To maximize your chances of securing presale code tickets, consider signing up for relevant websites, following artists and organizers on social media, leveraging credit card or mobile app memberships, and networking with others in your circle.


Q. How can I get presale code tickets for Badshah’s The Paagal Tour 2024?

A. To get presale code tickets for Badshah’s The Paagal Tour 2024, you can sign up for websites or join fan clubs related to the event or artist. Additionally, following event organizers or artists on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook can provide information about presale opportunities. Credit card companies and mobile apps may also offer presale codes as a perk. Networking with others who have access to presale codes can also be helpful.

Q. What should I do once I have the presale code for Badshah’s The Paagal Tour 2024?

A. Once you have the presale code for Badshah’s The Paagal Tour 2024, make sure to act

quickly. Tickets often sell out fast during the presale period. Visit the official ticketing website or the platform where the presale is taking place and enter the code to access the presale tickets. Select the desired event and complete the ticket purchase process.

Q. Are presale code tickets guaranteed for Badshah’s The Paagal Tour 2024?

A. No, presale code tickets are not guaranteed. The availability of presale tickets depends on the number of tickets allocated for presale and the demand from other fans. It is recommended to try multiple avenues, such as signing up for websites, following event organizers or artists on social media, and leveraging memberships or affiliations to increase your chances of securing presale tickets.

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