Who is Rachel Leviss? What Happened To Her? Know All About Her

The “Scandoval” Scandal

Update: Rachel Leviss, previously known as Raquel Leviss, remains entangled in controversies and legal battles even after departing from “Vanderpump Rules.” One significant controversy involves a lawsuit against her former co-stars, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, related to revenge porn.

Leviss claimed that Sandoval secretly recorded a sexually explicit video of her without consent, leading her to file a lawsuit for invasion of privacy and emotional distress. Seeking justice, Leviss pursued legal action, portraying herself as a victim of Sandoval’s misconduct and accusing Madix of disseminating explicit videos without permission.

Impact on Mental Health

The lawsuit shed light on the toll the situation took on Leviss’s mental health, while also refuting claims made by Sandoval regarding the conclusion of their relationship. Leviss chose not to confront Sandoval due to his manipulative behavior, and Sandoval faced criticism for trivializing the media attention surrounding their relationship by drawing inappropriate comparisons.

Additional Controversies

Apart from the scandal involving Sandoval and Madix, Leviss has been involved in other controversies. She filed legal action against them for offenses including revenge porn, invasion of privacy, and eavesdropping. Leviss has also been transparent about her personal struggles, disclosing a 90-day stay at a mental health treatment facility.

Departure from “Vanderpump Rules”

Leviss made her debut on “Vanderpump Rules” in season 5 but decided to leave after her involvement in an affair with Tom Sandoval, leading to the end of his relationship with Ariana Madix. Feeling isolated by her castmates after the affair became public, Leviss chose to distance herself from the show’s drama. Despite exiting the series, she remains connected to the “Vanderpump Rules” community through her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue.

Rachel Goes Rogue Podcast

Through her podcast, Leviss aims to create a healthier environment for reality TV viewers by exploring the dynamics of the show and advocating for responsible consumption of reality television. Her decision to revert to her birth name, Rachel Leviss, following the cheating scandal, represents a fresh start in her life and career. She continues to engage with her audience and promote responsible reality TV viewing habits.

In conclusion, Rachel Leviss, formerly known as Raquel Leviss, has faced controversies and legal battles, including a lawsuit against her co-stars for revenge porn. Despite leaving “Vanderpump Rules,” she remains active through her podcast, advocating for responsible viewing habits. Leviss’s journey illustrates her resilience in adversity and her commitment to reclaiming her identity and fostering a positive future.


Q. Why did Rachel Leviss file a lawsuit against her co-stars?

A. Rachel Leviss initiated legal action against her co-stars, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, citing allegations of revenge porn, invasion of privacy, and eavesdropping.

Q. How did the scandal involving Rachel Leviss unfold?

A. The scandal, dubbed “Scandoval,” emerged when Tom Sandoval was exposed for infidelity with Leviss while in a committed relationship with Ariana Madix. This affair gained public attention in a 2023 episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Q. What is the title of Rachel Leviss’s podcast?

A. Rachel Leviss hosts the podcast titled “Rachel Goes Rogue,” where she explores the complexities of reality TV dynamics and advocates for responsible engagement with media content.

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