Planning Your Finances: Understanding the CPP and OAS Increase in 2024

As the economy shifts, people in Canada are looking forward to possible boosts in their Old Age Security (OAS) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) payments next year.

Old Age Security (OAS) Details

The OAS, provided by the Canadian Government, offers monthly payments to individuals aged 65 and above who meet the eligibility criteria, and proactive application is required if authorities lack sufficient information.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Adjustments

The Canada Revenue Agency announced upcoming adjustments in contribution rates and amounts for 2024, with the maximum pensionable earnings under CPP set to rise to 68,500 dollars.

Eligibility for CPP and Contribution Importance

Qualifying Canadian citizens, aged 60 or above, are eligible for CPP, with the pension amount dependent on factors such as lifetime average earnings, commencement age, and cumulative CPP contributions. CPP contributions are mandatory for those aged 18 and above and play a critical role in eligibility for various benefits.

Changes in Contribution Rates and Significance

For employers, employees, and self-employed individuals, contribution rates and maximum contribution limits for CPP are set to change in 2024, underscoring their pivotal role in determining eligibility for benefits.

Review and Impact of OAS

The OAS undergoes periodic review to reflect changes in the cost of living, and individuals aged 75 or above are automatically entitled to a 10% increase in their OAS payments starting July 2022.

Projected OAS Clawback Limit and Conclusion

The OAS Clawback limit is projected to increase, emphasizing the importance of monitoring these developments for Canadian retirees as the government aims to ensure the sustained well-being of senior citizens.


What are the potential changes in OAS payments in 2024?

There are anticipated increases in the OAS Clawback limit and potential adjustments to the monthly payment quantum, reflecting the government’s commitment to bolstering social security frameworks.

Why are CPP contributions significant?

CPP contributions are crucial as they determine eligibility for benefits such as disability benefits, pensions, post-retirement benefits, and survivor benefits for individuals and their families.

How often does the OAS undergo review, and what does it aim to reflect?

The OAS undergoes periodic review, typically four times, to mirror fluctuations in the cost of living, ensuring that the monthly payment quantum remains unaffected even in the event of a decline in the cost of living.

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