Pension Payment Dates 2024: When Are you getting your Pension in Canada Dec’23, Jan’24?

Pension Payment Dates 2024 in Canada: What You Need to Know

Pension Payment Dates 2024 in Canada: What You Need to Know

Overview of Pension Payments in Canada

Recent News: When people reach retirement age, they need a variety of supports, including emotional, financial, and medical help. In order to address this, the Canadian government is in charge of managing the monthly disbursement of several federal and local benefits to retirees, which is essential for their welfare.

Management of Pension Payments in Canada

The Old Age Security, Public Service Pension Plan, Veteran Disability Pension, Canada Pension Plan, and Quebec Pension Plan are just a few of the pension programs that are managed by the Canadian government. Monthly payments are made under these arrangements; money is placed into the recipient’s account or, if they choose, through a cheque two banking days before to the end of each month.

Pension Payment Schedule for Oct-Nov 2024

It is imperative that recipients are cognizant of the precise dates of payment for October, November, and December 2024 in order to guarantee prompt receipt of their pension benefits. The following are the payout dates for different Canadian pension schemes during this time:

Canada Pension Plan

October 27, 2024
November 28, 2024
December 20, 2024

Old Age Security

October 27, 2024
November 28, 2024
December 20, 2024

Dealing with Delayed Payments and Other FAQs

Pension payments may be delayed due to administrative problems or unforeseen events. It is recommended that recipients check the status of their payments via official channels and get in touch with their benefit plan’s help desk if needed. If someone has lost or stolen a pension plan check, they should notify the appropriate authorities right away so that the issue can be resolved.


Retirees and qualifying beneficiaries must comprehend the Pension Payment Dates 2024 as well as the complexities of pension programs managed by the Canadian government. People may guarantee a smooth and stress-free delivery of their pension benefits by being aware of the payment schedule, selecting the best payment option, and understanding how to handle any possible problems.


Q: What should I do if my pension payment is delayed?

If your pension payment is delayed in Canada, contact your pension provider immediately to inquire about the delay and seek assistance.

Q: What should I do if my Canada pension plan cheque is lost or stolen?

Notify the appropriate department or body as soon as possible to inquire about a lost or stolen check.

Q: Can pension plan checks be redeemed for cash at Canadian banks?

No, Canadian banks are unable to exchange pension plan checks for cash for any reason.

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