Tax Brackets Ontario: What Are Different Taxes in Ontario and What are the Tax Rates?

Tax Brackets Ontario: Understanding Ontario’s Different Taxes and Tax Rates

Tax Brackets Ontario: Understanding Ontario's Different Taxes and Tax Rates

Understanding Ontario’s Tax Brackets

Most recent news: The total gross income from all sources less any permitted deductions is the taxable income used to compute Ontario’s income tax. It uses a progressive tax system, meaning that as income rises, so does the tax rate. Only the share of income in the higher tax bracket is liable to a higher rate because the applicable federal and Ontario tax rates are determined by the income.

New Tax Brackets Ontario for 2024

The personal tax credit amounts and tax brackets in Ontario are scheduled to increase in 2024. The following are the tax rates and brackets for 2024:

Taxable Income 2024

– Till $51,446

– Above $51,446 till $102,894

– Above $102,894 till $150,000

– Above $150,000 till $220,000

– Above $220,000

Income Tax Rate 2024

– 5.05%

– 9.15%

– 11.16%

– 12.16%

– 13.16%

Overview of Tax Brackets in Ontario

In addition to the personal income tax, other taxes that apply in Ontario are the Employer Health Tax (EHT), which ranges from 0.98% to 1.95%, the Beer and Wine Tax, the Corporations Tax, which ranges from 12.2% to 50.17%, and the Estate Administration Tax, which is levied at a rate of 1.5% of the estate’s worth.


For both individuals and corporations, it is essential to comprehend and manage taxes in Ontario. Understanding tax rates and laws guarantees compliance and makes use of various tax credits and deductions, improving the tax position and averting possible problems.


What is the income tax based on in Ontario?

In Ontario, taxable income is calculated by deducting any permitted deductions from the total gross income from all sources.

What are the other taxes imposed by the Ontario Government?

Other taxes levied by the Ontario government include the Corporations Tax, Estate Administration Tax, Beer and Wine Tax, Employer Health Tax, and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

How can tax management be simplified in Ontario?

Establishing an online account with the CRA helps streamline tax administration by facilitating simpler payments, tax information management, and amount tracking.

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