ODSP Payment Dates in 2024: Discover Eligibility, Amount & How to Apply for $1308

Latest Update: The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Payment for 2024, launched by the Canadian Government, aims to extend financial assistance to Ontario residents. Geared towards individuals with low incomes and those grappling with disabilities, this program aims to cover daily expenses such as rent, food, and healthcare. The payment ranges from $1138 to $1308 monthly for eligible candidates. Residents of Ontario seeking the $1308 ODSP Payment for 2024 must meet specific eligibility criteria and submit required documents via the official website.


Eligibility and Application Procedure

To qualify for the $1308 ODSP Payment in 2024, applicants must be Ontario residents aged 18 or older. The official website, https://www.ontario.ca/, serves as the platform for application submission. Applicants need to provide their Social Insurance Number, ID proof for all family members, income certification, health number, verification of shelter costs, and the non-disabled spouse’s participation agreement. Upon visiting the website, applicants can navigate to the ‘ODSP Payment 2024’ section, input their details, and upload the necessary documents. After submission, the government verifies the information and processes the payment accordingly.

Payment Details and Process

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Payment 2024

The ODSP Payment Amount for 2024 has increased by 6.5% due to inflation, with beneficiaries set to receive $1308 starting January 2024, up from $1138 previously. Payments are made via direct bank deposits, although individuals without bank accounts can opt for checks. Accurate documentation and completion of the application process via the official website are crucial to securing ODSP financial aid.


  1. Who qualifies for the $1308 ODSP Payment in 2024?
    Individuals aged 18 or above residing in Ontario are eligible for the payment.
  2. What is the payment amount for the $1308 ODSP Payment in 2024?
    The payment ranges from $1138 to $1308 based on eligibility and specific criteria.
  3. How can one apply for the $1308 ODSP Payment in 2024?
    Interested applicants can apply through the official website, https://www.ontario.ca/.


The $1308 ODSP Payment for 2024 is a crucial initiative by the Canadian government to provide essential financial assistance to Ontario residents facing economic challenges and disabilities. The increase in payment amount and the simplified application process via the official website underscore the government’s commitment to supporting citizens’ basic needs and enhancing their quality of life.

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