Who is Nikki Hiltz? Is She Dating? Who is Nikki Hiltz Dating? Who is Emma Gee?

News: Nikki Hiltz, a successful middle-distance runner, is currently in a relationship with Emma Gee, a talented track athlete known for her advocacy in LGBTQ+ rights. Both Nikki and Emma have made significant strides in the athletic world, and their romantic relationship has resonated with many supporters.

Pioneering in Track and Field

Nikki Hiltz has received acclaim for their achievements in track and field, notably securing second place in a major competition. They notably became the first openly non-binary athlete to win a national title in the USA. On the other hand, Emma Gee excels in various running events and identifies as transgender, affirming her identity as a woman despite being assigned male at birth.

A Relationship Rooted in Passion and Advocacy

Since 2020, the couple has shared a strong bond while actively advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. Utilizing their influence, they passionately promote messages of acceptance and inclusivity. Emma has been a consistent source of support for Nikki as they navigate their journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Their relationship began on social media, evolving from casual messages to meaningful conversations, eventually leading to an in-person meeting.

Inspiring Others through Love and Support

Their love story serves as inspiration for many, as they support each other both in their athletic endeavors and advocacy work. Fans admire their unwavering commitment to each other and their efforts to create a more inclusive and accepting world.

Athletic Achievements and Recognition

Before meeting Emma, Nikki Hiltz gained attention for their outstanding performances in track and field, particularly excelling in races like the 1500 meters and mile. They represented both the Oregon Ducks and the Arkansas Razorbacks during college, earning the title of 6-time All-American athlete.

Nikki Hiltz, openly gay, publicly shared their identity as transgender and non-binary on International Transgender Day of Visibility in March 2021. While competing in the Women’s division, Nikki does not strictly adhere to traditional male or female classifications. This brave decision has increased visibility and representation for transgender and non-binary individuals in sports.

Success On and Off the Track

Their collegiate athletic journey is marked by impressive achievements and numerous accolades. In 2022, Nikki Hiltz signed with Lululemon after parting ways with Adidas. They achieved top rankings in the 1500 meters and mile events, setting personal bests of 4:01.52 and 4:24.45, respectively.

Nikki Hiltz’s career has been adorned with victories, including a notable win at the USATF Outdoor National Championship in the 1500 meters in 2023 and a silver medal at the World Athletics Indoor Championships in the 1500 meters in 2024.

A Love and Advocacy for All

The relationship between Nikki Hiltz and Emma Gee, along with their dedicated advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights, serves as inspiration for many. Balancing successful athletic careers, they use their platform to advocate for acceptance and inclusivity. Their love story exemplifies the power of support and underscores the importance of embracing one’s authentic self and advocating for equality.

Inspiring Change Through Love and Advocacy

In conclusion, Nikki Hiltz and Emma Gee’s relationship embodies love, support, and advocacy. Leveraging their athletic achievements, they contribute to creating a positive impact and fostering inclusivity in the sporting community. Their journey inspires many and solidifies their role as trailblazers in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights.


Q: How did Nikki Hiltz and Emma Gee first connect?
A: Nikki and Emma initially connected through social media and developed their relationship over time.

Q: What are some of Nikki Hiltz’s notable athletic accomplishments?
A: Nikki achieved significant milestones, including winning the USATF Outdoor National Championship in the 1500 meters in 2023.

Q: How do Nikki and Emma use their platform for advocacy?
A: They leverage their prominence to advocate for acceptance and inclusiveness, particularly focusing on LGBTQ+ rights.

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