Michael Jones’s Obituary & Cause Of Death, Who Was Michael Jones? What Happened to Michael Jones?

A Departure from the Wrestling Community

News: Michael Jones, known professionally as Virgil and aged 61, has passed away, leaving the wrestling community in deep mourning.

A Remarkable Career and Enduring Legacy

Michael Jones, widely recognized by his wrestling persona Virgil, enjoyed a distinguished career in professional wrestling. He gained fame for his role as the loyal assistant to Ted DiBiase, famously known as the “Million Dollar Man,” in WWE, reaching the peak of his popularity.

His crowning achievement came in 1991 when he defied DiBiase and claimed the prestigious Million Dollar Championship. Jones further demonstrated his talents in WCW, adopting various personas such as Vincent and Curly Bill.

Honoring a Wrestling Icon

Even after retiring from wrestling, Michael Jones remained a prominent figure, especially in the realm of social media where he unwittingly became the subject of numerous viral memes.

Despite facing health challenges in his final days, Jones received love and admiration from fans and colleagues alike. His legacy as a respected wrestler will endure, fondly remembered and celebrated within the wrestling community.

A Fond Farewell

The wrestling world mourns the loss of Michael Jones, a true icon in the sport. While his absence leaves a void, his contributions to wrestling will live on as a timeless source of inspiration for future generations.


Q. Under what name was Michael Jones known in the wrestling world?

A. Michael Jones was widely recognized as Virgil during his wrestling career.

Q. What significant achievement did Michael Jones attain in wrestling?

A. Michael Jones famously won the esteemed Million Dollar Championship during his time in WWE.

Q. What legacy does Michael Jones leave behind in wrestling?

A. Michael Jones leaves behind a lasting legacy as a wrestling icon, revered by fans and respected by peers. His impactful contributions to the sport will forever be an integral part of its history.

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