Maximum OAS Increase 2024: Unveiling the CPP and OAS Rise for 2024 – A Comprehensive Analysis

Recent Update: Managed by the Canadian Government, Old Age Security (OAS) stands as a crucial pension plan offering monthly payments to individuals aged 65 and older. Applying for OAS becomes necessary when the government lacks adequate information about an individual. Anticipated for 2024, the OAS Clawback limit is set to rise from $86,912 to $90,997.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Changes for 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has unveiled plans to elevate the maximum pensionable earnings under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) to $68,500 in 2024, up from $66,600 in 2023. Additionally, a new secondary earnings ceiling of $73,200 will be introduced for CPP 2 contributions.

CPP Application and Contribution

OAS Increase 2024: What to Expect for CPP and OAS in 2024

Unlike OAS, CPP benefits necessitate individuals to apply, with benefits determined by lifetime average earnings, commencement age, and CPP contributions. These contributions significantly influence eligibility for disability, post-retirement, and survivor benefits.

Contribution Rates and Ceilings

In 2024, the contribution rate for both employers and employees is slated to remain at 5.95%, with the maximum contribution limit rising to $3,867.50. Self-employed individuals will maintain a contribution rate of 11.90%, with their maximum contribution limit climbing to $7,735. The advent of CPP 2 contributions will prompt alterations in contribution rates and ceilings for employers, employees, and self-employed individuals alike.

Evaluation and Ramifications

OAS payments undergo periodic review to accommodate changes in the cost of living. Those aged 75 and above automatically receive a 10% OAS increment starting July 2022. Moreover, individuals surpassing income thresholds may need to reimburse a portion or the entirety of their OAS pension, with the threshold set to ascend to $90,997 in 2024.

Significance of Grasping OAS and CPP Alterations

The impending changes in OAS and CPP for 2024 underscore the importance of understanding these pension schemes and their ramifications on individuals’ financial stability post-retirement. Staying abreast of these changes proves vital for effective retirement planning in an evolving cost-of-living landscape.


  1. What is the OAS Clawback limit projected for 2024?

The OAS Clawback limit is forecasted to escalate from $86,912 to $90,997 in 2024.

  1. How are CPP benefits determined?

CPP benefits hinge on various factors including an individual’s lifetime average earnings, commencement age, and CPP contributions.

  1. What transpires if an individual’s income surpasses the OAS pension limit?

Individuals crossing the OAS pension limit may be mandated to reimburse a portion or the entire OAS pension, with the limit set to elevate to $90,997 in 2024.

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