Mathieu Coutadeur Net Worth: Career, Family, Age, Income, Wiki, Bio, All You Need to Know

Football luminary Mathieu Coutadeur is a prominent figure in the soccer world, renowned for his remarkable contributions and financial success. As of 2024, his estimated net worth stands impressively at $5 million.

Versatility and Skill on the Pitch

Born on March 20, 1986, Mathieu Coutadeur has solidified his reputation as a skilled French professional midfielder throughout his career. Currently representing the Championnat National club Le Mans, Coutadeur consistently showcases unwavering dedication to the sport.

A significant aspect of Coutadeur’s success lies in his adaptability on the field. As a midfielder, he adeptly balances defensive and offensive responsibilities, employing strategic gameplay and technical expertise to significantly impact his team’s performance.

Club and International Representation

Over his professional journey, Coutadeur has graced the jerseys of various clubs, honing his skills and enriching his footballing knowledge with each experience. With Le Mans, he remains a valued asset, providing leadership and expertise in the midfield.

Hailing from Tours, France, Coutadeur proudly represents his country both domestically and internationally. His roots in the vibrant French footballing culture have deeply influenced his career trajectory.

Physical Attributes and Style of Play

Standing at approximately 170 cm (5 feet 6 inches) and weighing around 69 kg (152 lbs), Coutadeur’s physical attributes complement his playing style. His agility allows him to cover ground effectively, excel in aerial battles, and maneuver adeptly in tight spaces on the field.

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In summary, Mathieu Coutadeur’s football journey is characterized by dedication, perseverance, and notable achievements. With a net worth estimated at $5 million, he has solidified his status as a distinguished French footballer.


  1. Who is Mathieu Coutadeur?

A. Mathieu Coutadeur is a French footballer known for his exceptional skills on the field. Born on March 20, 1986, he is currently 37 years old.

  1. What is Mathieu Coutadeur’s Net Worth?

A. As of 2024, Mathieu Coutadeur’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. His success in football has significantly contributed to his financial prosperity.

  1. What is Mathieu Coutadeur’s weight?

A. Mathieu Coutadeur weighs approximately 69 kg (152 lbs), showcasing his physical prowess on the pitch.

  1. How tall is Mathieu Coutadeur?

A. Mathieu Coutadeur stands at a height of 170 cm, demonstrating agility and versatility in his playing style.

  1. How old is Mathieu Coutadeur?

A. Born on March 20, 1986, Mathieu Coutadeur is currently 37 years old, with a wealth of experience in professional football.

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