Marion Barter’s Obituary & Cause Of Death, Who Was Marion Barter? What Happened to Marion Barter?

News: Marion Barter’s disappearance in 1997 has remained a mysterious puzzle for more than twenty years. On February 29, 2024, the NSW State Coroner officially confirmed Marion Barter’s death, bringing closure to her case. However, questions persist regarding the circumstances, location, and cause of her demise.

Marion’s Unexpected Journey:

Marion Wilson, born in 1945, seemingly led a normal life in Queensland, Australia, until 1997. Suddenly resigning from her job as a teacher, she assumed a new identity, Florabella Natalia Marion Remakel, and obtained a new passport.

A Mysterious Vacation:

Marion vanished while intending to vacation in England, leaving no trace behind. Despite purported postcards and phone calls home, suspicions arose over her well-being.

Theories and Speculations:

Over the years, various theories emerged surrounding Marion’s disappearance, ranging from voluntary disappearance to foul play. Public and law enforcement attention ensured the case remained in the spotlight.

Uncovering the Truth:

Marion’s daughter, Sally Leydon, led persistent efforts to uncover the truth. Marion’s former partner, Ric Blum, came under scrutiny during the investigation, though no charges were recommended.

The Elusive Details:

Despite the official confirmation of Marion Barter’s death, details about her demise, including the cause and location, remain uncertain.

The Disappearance:

Marion Barter was last seen in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, in 1997, en route to the airport for her vacation in England.

Seeking Closure:

Marion’s family and loved ones continue to seek closure, hoping that ongoing efforts and further investigation will eventually provide the answers they seek.


Q: Was foul play involved in Marion Barter’s disappearance?
A: Speculations about foul play have arisen, but the exact circumstances remain unknown.

Q: Are there any leads in Marion Barter’s case?
A: The NSW State Coroner suggested Marion’s former partner may have vital information, but further investigation is necessary.

Q: Will Marion Barter’s family ever find closure?
A: Marion’s family remains hopeful that ongoing efforts and further investigation will eventually provide the answers they seek.

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