Why Did Marcel and Gabby Split? Who are Marcel and Gabby From Love Island?

News: Marcel and Gabby’s relationship came to an end due to issues of trust and betrayal. Despite their efforts to reconcile, Marcel’s infidelity caused irreparable harm, leading to their breakup. The breakdown of trust and the emotional turmoil resulting from Marcel’s unfaithfulness were critical factors in the dissolution of their bond.


Who is Marcel?

Marcel Somerville gained fame as a contestant on the popular reality TV show, Love Island. Prior to his appearance on the show, Marcel was known as a member of the well-known British hip hop group, Blazin’ Squad.

Who is Gabby?

Gabby Allen rose to prominence as a television personality after captivating audiences on Love Island. Before her television debut, Gabby worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. During her time on Love Island, Gabby stood out for her lively personality and dedication to fitness. She formed a strong connection with fellow contestant Marcel Somerville, which quickly became a fan favorite. Despite their bond, various challenges, including rumors of infidelity, led to the end of their relationship.

What Happened to Marcel and Gabby?

Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen first met as contestants on the third season of Love Island in 2017. Their on-screen romance evolved into a real-life relationship, resulting in a fourth-place finish on the show. However, the challenges of life outside the villa strained their bond.

Reports of Marcel’s infidelity surfaced, casting doubt on their once-solid relationship. Despite attempts to work through their issues, Gabby eventually confirmed the heartbreaking truth: Marcel had betrayed her trust. This revelation marked the end of their relationship.

Since their breakup, Marcel and Gabby have moved on with their lives. Marcel found love again with Rebecca Vieira, marrying her in 2022 and starting a family. Meanwhile, Gabby has focused on personal growth and career pursuits, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the fitness and television industries.


Q: Did Marcel and Gabby try to address their trust issues?

A: Yes, they attempted to confront their trust issues, but Marcel’s betrayal ultimately proved too damaging for their relationship to overcome.

Q: What led to Marcel and Gabby’s breakup?

A: Their breakup resulted from Marcel’s betrayal, which shattered the trust between them beyond repair.

Q: What are Marcel and Gabby doing now?

A: Marcel has remarried and started a family with Rebecca Vieira. Gabby is concentrating on her career, making a name for herself as a fitness influencer and television personality.

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