Locksmith Net Worth : Details About Rapper, Career, Age, House, Income

News: Recognized for his distinctive flair and compelling lyrics, Locksmith, the American rapper, has risen to prominence. With an impressive net worth of $7 million, he has made a significant impact on the music industry. Born Davood Ali Asgari on May 7, 1985, in Richmond, California, Locksmith has skillfully forged a successful career in the hip-hop genre.

Early Years and Musical Journey

In 2002, Locksmith embarked on his musical journey by co-founding The Frontline with his colleague Left. Their collaboration resulted in the mixtape “Watch Out Now,” earning praise within the underground hip-hop community. However, it was the release of his debut studio album, “A Thousand Cuts,” in 2014 that propelled Locksmith into the limelight. This album not only received acclaim from audiences but also showcased his exceptional lyrical abilities.

Collaborations and Recognition

Throughout his career, Locksmith has established a strong presence in the industry through collaborations with various notable artists. In 2011, he collaborated with Ski Beatz on the well-received album “Embedded,” praised for its innovative sound and compelling lyrics. These collaborative efforts have expanded Locksmith’s fan base and garnered recognition beyond his solo work.

Notable Achievements and Rising Star

A significant milestone in Locksmith’s career was his signing with the IMG record label, leading to the release of the studio album “Who R You.” This collaboration marked a significant success, with the album reaching the 48th position on the Billboard Independent Albums chart, firmly establishing Locksmith as an emerging star in the music scene.

Influences and Diverse Background

Locksmith’s musical style and unique approach draw inspiration from his diverse upbringing. Born to a father of Iranian descent and an African American mother from Chicago, he was exposed to a blend of cultural influences. Raised alongside four older half-siblings, one of whom is a rapper associated with Blackalicious and Digital Underground, Locksmith developed a deep appreciation for various music genres.

Passion for Music and Sports

Beyond his musical pursuits, Locksmith has a passion for sports, particularly baseball and basketball. His interest in these sports dates back to his school days, where he formed a close bond with Left, sparking their collaboration as rappers. After college, both Locksmith and Left worked at the West Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau before pursuing their individual careers in the music industry.

Income and Education

Locksmith’s main source of income comes from contract fees charged to record labels for producing his studio albums. He also earns substantial revenue from live concert performances, leveraging his talent and popularity. With a remarkable net worth of $7 million, Locksmith’s financial success reflects his dedication and skill. Education has played a crucial role in Locksmith’s journey, as he completed his high school education at De Anza High School in Richmond before studying African-American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. This educational background has enriched his musical endeavors with depth and perspective.

Bright Future Ahead

In conclusion, Locksmith has established himself as a notable figure in hip-hop, driven by his talent and unique artistic style. With a substantial net worth of $7 million, he continues to produce compelling music that resonates with audiences worldwide. Despite his achievements, Locksmith remains grounded and committed to pushing creative boundaries in his craft. As he continues to evolve artistically, fans eagerly anticipate the promising future ahead.


Q. What is Locksmith’s net worth?

A. Locksmith’s net worth is $7 million.

Q. What is Locksmith’s most successful album?

A. Locksmith’s most successful album is “Who R You,” which reached number 48 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart.

Q. How did Locksmith’s diverse background influence his music?

A. Locksmith’s diverse background, encompassing Iranian and African American heritage, exposed him to various music genres and significantly influenced his musical style.

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