Last Epoch: Thorn Totem Shaman Build Guide

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Announcement: Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled journey with Eleventh Hour Games’ latest release, The Last Epoch, an immersive hack-and-slash RPG. Dive into this thrilling adventure filled with perilous dungeons, epic loot hunts, and the art of crafting legendary weapons. With over a hundred versatile skill trees across 15 mastery classes, the game promises endless possibilities for character customization and diverse playstyles.

Unleash the Power of the Last Epoch Shaman Build

In The Last Epoch, the Shaman build centers on harnessing nature’s forces to unleash powerful elemental assaults. Players can specialize in various elements like ice, lightning, poison, or physical damage. Armed with skills such as Summon Storm Totem, Tornado, Earthquake, and Avalanche, Shamans have the power to decimate their foes. Whether opting for close-range melee or ranged spellcasting, players can tailor their build to match their preferred style of play. Additionally, strategic use of totems adds versatility, serving both as healing sources and deadly traps.

Master the Formidable Shaman Class

Within The Last Epoch, the Shaman class, part of the formidable Primalist archetype, stands as a commanding force. This character adeptly channels the raw power of nature, using tornadoes and lightning to obliterate enemies. With devastating area-of-effect spells and the ability to summon powerful tempests, the Shaman becomes a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Commanding nature’s forces, the Shaman can unleash potent offensive spells, summoning tornadoes, unleashing cascades of ice, and causing earthquakes that deal massive damage to foes.

Embark on an Adventure Through Eterra’s Past

As players journey through the ancient realm of Eterra’s past in Last Epoch, they encounter dark empires, vengeful gods, and uncharted wilderness. The game seamlessly combines dungeon exploration, intense combat, and extensive character customization. With 15 Mastery Classes and over 120 skill trees to choose from, players have the freedom to fine-tune their playstyle and unlock unique abilities, adding depth and individuality to their adventure.

Explore Loot Hunting and Crafting

At the core of Last Epoch lies the pursuit of loot, empowering players to collect rare items and strengthen their arsenal. The game features a rewarding crafting system, allowing players to forge and enhance their equipment. With an easy-to-grasp yet challenging-to-master design philosophy, Last Epoch ensures an immersive experience free of pay-to-win elements, providing a fair playing field for all.

Experience an Engaging RPG Adventure

In summary, Last Epoch offers an engaging RPG experience through captivating gameplay, diverse skill trees, and dynamic dungeons. Whether mastering the elemental powers of the Last Epoch Shaman or unraveling the lore of Eterra’s past, players can embark on an epic journey filled with adventure and excitement.


Q: What is the primary focus of the Last Epoch Shaman build?
A: The Last Epoch Shaman build focuses on utilizing nature’s power to unleash devastating elemental attacks.

Q: Can Shamans engage in both melee combat and ranged spellcasting?
A: Yes, Shamans can engage in both melee combat and ranged spellcasting, providing flexibility for players to customize their build.

Q: How does the crafting system work in Last Epoch?
A: Last Epoch features a rewarding crafting system that allows players to create and upgrade equipment, enhancing their arsenal and strength.

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