Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3 Release Date, Recap, Cast, Review, Plot, Spoilers, Streaming, Schedule & Where To Watch?

“Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3”

News: The anime series “Komi Can’t Communicate” has swiftly gained popularity among viewers, captivating audiences with its heartwarming storyline. Focused on Komi, a high school student battling severe social anxiety, the narrative explores her struggles in forming connections with others. Guided by her classmate Tadano, Komi embarks on a journey to overcome her communication barriers, navigating towards personal growth and self-discovery.

Quick Details about Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3:

Series: Komi Can’t Communicate

Number of Seasons: 2

Japanese Title: 古見さんは、コミュ症です。

Alternate Title: Komi-san wa, Communication Shougai desu. 2

Creator: Tomohito Oda

Studios: OLM

Adapted from: Komi Can’t Communicate (Manga)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Main Characters: Komi Shouko, Tadano Hitohito

Country of Origin: Japan

Original Language: Japanese

Available Languages: Japanese

First Episode Aired: April 27, 2022 (season 2)

Next Episode Air Date: To Be Announced

Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed

Where to Watch: Funimation, Netflix

When can we expect Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3?

Although the release date for Season 3 of Komi Can’t Communicate hasn’t been officially confirmed by the production team, given the immense popularity of the series, another season is highly anticipated. If announcements are made promptly, fans could potentially expect a new season by late 2023 or 2024. With the manga boasting nearly 300 chapters across 28 volumes, there’s plenty of source material available for several more seasons. Stay tuned for official updates regarding Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3.

What is the storyline of Komi Can’t Communicate?

At the heart of the narrative is Shouko Komi, a high school student weighed down by social anxiety and communication obstacles. Despite her striking appearance, she struggles to form genuine connections with others. Yet, her distant demeanor and allure deter people from understanding her true self. Determined to overcome her communication hurdles, Komi sets a lofty goal: to cultivate a hundred friendships.

What can we expect from the previous season of Komi Can’t Communicate?

In the upcoming second season of Komi Can’t Communicate, viewers can look forward to seeing Komi and her friends enjoying their winter holidays and embarking on a school excursion to Kyoto. Additionally, Tadano, Komi’s classmate, finds himself gradually developing romantic feelings for her. The second season promises exciting developments in Komi’s journey and the growing bond among her, her friends, and Tadano.

Characters to watch for in Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3:

Komi Shouko: The main protagonist, a high school girl grappling with social anxiety. Voice actors: Aoi Koga (Japanese), Amber Lee Connors (English).

Hirohito Tadano: Komi’s classmate and first friend who discovers her communication disorder and supports her. Voice actors: Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese), Takahisa Masuda (English).

Najimi Osana: A close friend of Hirohito Tadano with exceptional communication skills. Voice actors: Rie Murakawa (Japanese), Skyler Davenport (English).

Omoharu Nakanaka: A lively girl who enjoys playing video games with her friends. Voice actors: Rumi Okubo (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English).

Rating and Reviews of Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3:

The anime has received praise and positive feedback from viewers, evident in its commendable ratings. With a score of 8.0/10 on IMDb and an average audience rating of 8.42 on MyAnimeList, it has resonated well with its audience. Viewers particularly appreciate the well-developed characters, their portrayal, and the series’ blend of comedy and charm, contributing to its appeal.

Popularity of Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3:

“Komi Can’t Communicate” has achieved global acclaim thanks to its relatable and heartwarming storyline. With over 7 million copies in circulation, a live-action TV series, and an animated adaptation available for streaming on Netflix, the show has garnered a wide-reaching audience. Fans worldwide eagerly await the possibility of a third season and are enthusiastic about the future direction of the series.

Where can you watch Komi Can’t Communicate?

The first season of “Komi Can’t Communicate” is currently available for streaming on Netflix. Given this, it’s anticipated that the third season will also be released on the same platform for viewers to enjoy.

Is there a trailer for Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3?

Although the release date for Season 3 of “Komi Can’t Communicate” hasn’t been officially confirmed, the series’ remarkable success strongly hints at the likelihood of another season. Fans can eagerly anticipate more episodes adapted from the manga, promising further character development and the ongoing exploration of Komi’s journey to conquer her communication obstacles. Keep an eye out for official announcements and updates regarding “Komi Can’t Communicate” Season 3.


Q: Is a third season of Komi Can’t Communicate in the works?

A: Although an official release date for Season 3 hasn’t been announced yet, given the series’ widespread popularity, it’s highly probable that another season will be produced.

Q: Where can I stream Komi Can’t Communicate?

A: The first season is currently available for streaming on Netflix, with future seasons anticipated to follow suit on the same platform.

Q: Has a trailer for Komi Can’t Communicate Season 3 been released?

A: At present, there hasn’t been any confirmed news or trailer for Season 3.

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