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Early Life and Background

Update: Jack Hibbs, a prominent American evangelist and pastor highly regarded within Southern California’s religious circles, was born on January 15, 1958, in Chino Hills, California, United States. Growing up in a deeply religious family, he embraced faith from a young age, overcoming challenges such as surviving an attempted abortion. His steadfast trust in God became the foundation of his worldview, leading him toward a calling as a minister.

Career and Education

While details of Jack Hibbs’ formal education are limited, his spiritual journey and thorough study of the Bible have profoundly shaped his path as a pastor and evangelist. His deep understanding of scripture and commitment to ongoing learning have strengthened his role as a teacher and spiritual leader.

Personal Lifemes from a close-knit family rooted in Chino Hills, California. Although specific information about his parents and siblings is not publicly disclosed, he often fondly recalls the lessons learned from his upbringing. Despite facing challenges, including surviving an abortion attempt, Jack’s family provided unwavering support and instilled in him a foundation of faith. He shares his life and ministry with his wife, Lisa Hibbs, with whom he has two daughters, Rebekah and another whose name is undisclosed. Their partnership is rooted in shared faith and a commitment to serving others.

Wealth and Contributions

As an evangelist and author, Jack Hibbs has achieved significant success, amassing an estimated net worth of $8 million. His primary income sources come from his role as the founder and senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, as well as royalties from his literary works and other media ventures. Despite his financial success, Jack remains dedicated to using his resources to spread the gospel and support charitable causes.

Ministry and Impact

Jack Hibbs’ career as a pastor and evangelist is characterized by his unwavering faith and desire to share Christian teachings with others. After being ordained at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, he founded Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, where he currently serves as senior pastor. Known for his dynamic preaching style and commitment to teaching the Bible comprehensively, he has garnered a significant following both locally and internationally.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Jack Hibbs is active on social media, with a popular YouTube channel and a series called “Real Life with Jack.” Through these platforms, he reaches millions, spreading messages of faith, hope, and love. He also engages with Christian advocacy groups and is a member of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. His dedication to Christian values and religious freedom has earned him respect within the evangelical community.

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

Established by Jack Hibbs over three decades ago, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills has grown into a thriving community of over 10,000 members. Focused on biblical teachings and spiritual guidance, the church offers hope and inspiration to many through outreach programs and media initiatives.

Jack Hibbs’ life and ministry exemplify the transformative power of faith and selfless service. From humble beginnings to becoming a respected figure in evangelical circles, he has dedicated himself to sharing the message of Christianity and providing spiritual guidance worldwide. Through preaching, media presence, and advocacy work, Jack continues to inspire others, leaving a lasting legacy of faith, hope, and love.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is Jack Hibbs?

A: Jack Hibbs is a prominent American evangelist and pastor known for his captivating sermons and steadfast commitment to propagating the Christian faith.

Q: Where is Jack Hibbs from?

A: Jack Hibbs was born in Chino Hills, California, United States, and currently resides in Southern California.

Q: What is Jack Hibbs’ net worth?

A: Jack Hibbs’ net worth is estimated to be around $8 million, mainly derived from his roles as a pastor, author, and involvement in media endeavors.

Q: How many daughters does Jack Hibbs have?

A: Jack Hibbs is a father of two daughters – Rebekah and another whose name remains undisclosed.

Q: What is the mission of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills?

A: The mission of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills is to educate individuals through biblical teachings, offering spiritual direction to believers, and spreading the message of God’s love and grace.

Q: How can I listen to Jack Hibbs’ sermons?

A: Jack Hibbs’ sermons can be accessed through various platforms, including the church’s website, podcast channels, and social media platforms where he shares his messages regularly.

Q: What is Jack Hibbs’ stance on social issues?

A: Jack Hibbs is known for his conservative views on social issues and is actively involved in advocating for Christian values and defending religious freedoms.

Q: How can I get involved with Jack Hibbs’ ministry?

A: Individuals interested in getting involved with Jack Hibbs’ ministry can participate in church services, attend events hosted by Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, or support the ministry through donations and volunteering opportunities.

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