Ilya Lyubushkin’s Health / Injury Update: What happened to Ilya Lyubushkin?

Recovery Progress for Ilya Lyubushkin

Update: Ilya Lyubushkin, a defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs, is showing steady improvement in his recovery from a head injury, raising hopes for a potential return to play against the Boston Bruins.

Injury During Game and Rehabilitation

During his initial return to the team, Lyubushkin suffered a head injury that forced him to leave the game. Adhering to concussion protocols, he remained sidelined for the remainder of the match against the New York Rangers. However, there are positive signs as Lyubushkin participated in the morning skate session, indicating a positive trend in his recovery.

Following Concussion Protocol

Lyubushkin disclosed that he had to adhere to concussion protocols, which led to his removal from the game. Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe provided updates on Lyubushkin’s condition, confirming his successful completion of the required protocols. Keefe expressed relief that the injury wasn’t more severe and expressed satisfaction with Lyubushkin’s recovery progress. He emphasized the importance of having Lyubushkin back in the lineup, especially considering the recent defensive challenges faced by the team.

Setback and Team Acquisition

The injury occurred during a game against the New York Rangers when Lyubushkin received a forceful hit from Matt Rempe. Despite this setback, the Maple Leafs had previously acquired Lyubushkin from the Anaheim Ducks, indicating their confidence in his abilities and recognizing the value he brings to the defensive lineup.

Optimism and Team Support

Lyubushkin’s presence at the morning skate session was met with optimism and support from his teammates, particularly Ryan Reaves, who defended him on the ice after the hit. Lyubushkin expressed gratitude for the support he received and expressed his eagerness to make a positive contribution upon his return to play.

In summary, Ilya Lyubushkin’s injury update is positive, with significant progress and the potential for a return to action against the Boston Bruins. Both the Maple Leafs and their fans eagerly await his return, acknowledging his crucial role in bolstering the team’s defensive efforts.


Q: Is Ilya Lyubushkin expected to play in the upcoming game against the Boston Bruins?

A: There is optimism that Lyubushkin might make a comeback and participate in the match against the Boston Bruins.

Q: What caused the injury?

A: The injury occurred during a game against the New York Rangers, with Lyubushkin receiving a forceful hit from Matt Rempe.

Q: Why is Lyubushkin’s return important for the team?

A: Lyubushkin’s return holds significance, especially given the recent defensive challenges faced by the team.

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