Hero Vida V1 Plus Electric Scooter Reintroduced In India At Rs 1.15 Lakh

Introduction of Vida V1 Plus

News: Hero MotoCorp has re-introduced the Vida V1 Plus Electric Scooter in the Indian market, priced at Rs 1.15 lakhs. This budget-friendly option includes the FAME II subsidy and comes with a portable charger. Initially launched alongside the V1 Pro, the Vida V1 Plus was discontinued but is now back due to the demand for affordable electric two-wheelers among Indian consumers.

Positioning in Hero’s Electric Scooter Lineup

Within Hero’s range of electric scooters, the Vida V1 Plus sits below the V1 Pro. Both models share a similar design, features, and chassis, differing mainly in their battery packs and resulting range capabilities. The Vida V1 Plus features a slightly smaller 3.44kWh battery pack, offering a maximum range of 100km. Additionally, it has slightly slower acceleration compared to the V1 Pro.

Competition and Affordability

Competing with models like the Bajaj Chetak Urbane, Ather 450S, and Ola S1 Air, the Vida V1 Plus stands out as a more cost-effective option among electric vehicles, particularly in comparison to its premium counterpart, the V1 Pro.

Focus on Electric Mobility

At the 2024 Bharat Mobility Expo, Hero MotoCorp unveiled an initial prototype of the Vida Electric Dirt Bike. While specific details about the electric dirt bike are not yet disclosed, Hero MotoCorp’s presentation highlights its commitment to transitioning its entire model lineup to electric vehicles in the coming years.

Future Expectations

The relaunch of the Vida V1 Plus and the introduction of the electric dirt bike concept demonstrate Hero’s strong focus on electric mobility in the Indian market. This indicates a clear dedication to expanding their electric vehicle portfolio. With this focus in mind, it is expected that Hero will introduce a range of compelling EV models across various segments in the years to come.


Q. Is the Vida V1 Plus eligible for the FAME II subsidy?

A. Yes, the Vida V1 Plus is eligible for the FAME II subsidy, which is already included in its price.

Q. Can the Vida V1 Plus be charged with a portable charger?

A. Yes, the Vida V1 Plus comes with a portable charger for convenient charging.

Q. How does the Vida V1 Plus compare to its competitors in terms of affordability?

A. The Vida V1 Plus is more affordable compared to its competitors in the electric scooter market.

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