Gunnar Henderson’s Health / Injury Update: What happened to Gunnar Henderson?

News: Fans are eagerly awaiting Gunnar Henderson’s return to the field after recovering from an oblique injury that kept him sidelined. The talented shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles is gearing up for his spring training debut, bringing relief to supporters concerned about his health. Despite a hiccup during training, Henderson’s comeback is welcomed, with speculation that he might showcase his versatility by playing at third base occasionally, according to manager Brandon Hyde. With his injury behind him, Henderson is expected to maintain his stellar performance from last season, playing a vital role for the Orioles.

Gunnar Henderson’s Comeback:

Gunnar Henderson faced a setback during spring training due to an oblique injury but has since recovered and is ready to return to the field. There’s talk of him playing some games at third base, adding to the excitement for fans worried about his well-being. They eagerly await Henderson’s return to continue contributing to the Orioles.

About Gunnar Henderson:

Gunnar Randal Henderson, born on June 29, 2001, is an American baseball player currently with the Baltimore Orioles in MLB. After his debut in 2022, Henderson had a standout rookie season, winning the American League Rookie of the Year and Silver Slugger awards in 2023. Known for his skills at third base and shortstop, he plays a crucial role for the Orioles. Fans anticipate his future performances and further achievements in his career.

Early Life and High School Career:

Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, Gunnar Henderson attended John T. Morgan Academy in Selma, Alabama, where he excelled in baseball, earning Alabama’s Player of the Year title in 2019. After graduating, his jersey number was retired as a tribute to his talent.

Professional Career:

The Baltimore Orioles drafted Gunnar Henderson in 2019, launching his professional baseball journey. He impressed in minor league teams, making his MLB debut in 2022. His rookie season was impressive, earning him accolades and establishing him as a promising talent.

In summary, Gunnar Henderson is set to make his spring training debut after recovering from an oblique injury. Fans anticipate him maintaining his previous high standard and playing a significant role for the Orioles this season. His potential to play at third base adds versatility to his skill set. With notable achievements and talent, Henderson has a promising future in baseball.


Q: Will Henderson’s injury affect his performance this season?
A: No, Henderson has recovered well and is expected to perform impressively.

Q: Which positions does Henderson play?
A: Henderson plays both third base and shortstop.

Q: What awards did Henderson win in 2023?
A: Henderson won the American League Rookie of the Year and the Silver Slugger awards in 2023.

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