Is Graham Norton Leaving Virgin Radio Weekend Show? Why Is He Leaving Virgin Radio Show?

Graham Norton’s Departure from Virgin Radio

Graham Norton, the beloved comedian and TV host, has announced his departure from his long-standing weekend show on Virgin Radio after entertaining audiences for 13 years. Opting to take a well-deserved break and reclaim his weekends, Norton bid farewell to his role during a recent episode of the program.

Norton’s Legacy on Virgin Radio

During his tenure on the weekend show, Norton, celebrated for his wit and charm, has been a staple presence on Virgin Radio UK since January 2021. However, at 60 years old and after dedicating over a decade to weekend work, he felt it was the appropriate time to step back from this role.

Transition Period and Temporary Replacement

Virgin Radio has yet to announce a permanent successor for Norton, but in the interim, Angela Scanlon, known for her contributions in the media industry, will temporarily step in to ensure the smooth running of the show.

Norton’s Continuation in the Media Landscape

Beyond his radio endeavors, Norton is widely recognized for hosting the acclaimed TV program “The Graham Norton Show,” which has received numerous awards. Additionally, he has ventured into cinema and authored books. Despite bidding farewell to his weekend radio slot, Norton’s fans can still look forward to seeing him on television and hearing his voice across various platforms.

Norton’s Reassurance to Fans

While Norton’s decision to leave his Virgin Radio weekend show may surprise many, he assures his fans of future appearances. With his flourishing TV career and various projects, Norton’s talent and charm will continue to delight audiences, both on screen and on the airwaves.


Will Graham Norton completely disappear from the radio?

No, Norton will still make occasional appearances on the station.

Who will temporarily fill in for Norton?

Angela Scanlon, known for her contributions in the media industry, will temporarily replace Norton.

What other projects can Norton’s fans look forward to?

Norton’s fans can still see him on their TV screens and hear his voice on the airwaves through other avenues.

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