90 Day Fiancé: Are Gino Palazzolo & Jasmine Pineda Still Together In 2024?

News Update: The renowned reality TV series, “90 Day Fiancé,” offers viewers an enthralling glimpse into the rollercoaster ride of international romance, as couples navigate the complexities of planning a wedding within a tight 90-day timeframe. Among the couples featured on the show, Gino and Jasmine’s tumultuous relationship has captured significant attention due to the multitude of challenges they’ve faced. This article ventures into their captivating journey, examining the obstacles they’ve encountered, moments of triumph, and the current status of their relationship.

Understanding “90 Day Fiancé”:

“90 Day Fiancé,” a widely popular reality show aired on TLC, follows the journeys of couples engaged in international relationships with plans to marry in the United States. The central premise revolves around the couples having a 90-day window, starting from the arrival of the foreign partner, to decide whether to proceed with marriage. Failure to marry within this period leads to the foreign partner returning to their home country. The show highlights the couples grappling with cultural differences, language barriers, and the challenges of organizing a wedding within a limited timeframe.

Challenges Faced by Gino and Jasmine:

As of now, the status of Gino and Jasmine’s relationship remains uncertain. Throughout their appearance on “90 Day Fiancé,” their relationship encountered significant hurdles. Jasmine discovered troubling revelations about Gino’s behavior that deeply disturbed her. This revelation came to light during the reunion segment titled “The Couples Tell All.” Visibly distraught, Jasmine left the set in tears upon learning details about Gino’s actions at his bachelor party, events of which she had been unaware until then. This disclosure sparked a heated argument, with Jasmine openly expressing her profound sense of hurt and disappointment.

Uncertainty Surrounding Their Relationship:

While “90 Day Fiancé” documents the couples’ experiences up to a certain point, it does not consistently provide post-show updates on their relationships. Consequently, confirming the current status of Gino and Jasmine’s relationship proves challenging. Some couples on the show successfully overcome their challenges and stay together, while others choose separate paths. To obtain the latest information, fans may need to monitor Jasmine and Gino’s social media profiles or seek recent updates directly from the couple.

Exploring Gino and Jasmine’s Background:

Gino Palazzolo, aged 52, resides in Canton, Michigan, while Jasmine Pineda, aged 36, originally hails from Panama City, Panama. Their relationship unfolds across two seasons of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.” Jasmine made a significant life change by leaving her home in Panama to embrace the cold winters of Michigan and be with Gino. Despite the joy of their union, the couple faced numerous challenges, marked by intense arguments. One major issue was Jasmine’s frustration with Gino’s perceived lack of intimacy and desire, a focal point in their storyline. Nonetheless, they decided to overcome these hurdles and exchanged vows in June 2023.

Their journey on “90 Day Fiancé” vividly portrays the intricacies of a cross-cultural relationship, illustrating struggles with communication, cultural disparities, and the pressures of the K-1 visa process. However, the show offers only a glimpse into their overall narrative. The current status of Gino and Jasmine’s relationship remains uncertain, and those seeking updates must refer to the couple’s social media or engage in direct communication. As viewers, we can only hope for Gino and Jasmine’s happiness, regardless of the outcome depicted on the show, and trust that they find resolution for their differences.


Q: Are Gino and Jasmine still together?

A: The current status of Gino and Jasmine’s relationship is unclear. For the latest updates, it is advisable to check their respective social media profiles.

Q: What challenges did Gino and Jasmine face on the show?

A: Gino and Jasmine encountered challenges related to communication, cultural disparities, and intimacy during their time on the show.

Q: Have Gino and Jasmine gotten married?

A: Yes, Gino and Jasmine exchanged vows in June 2023.

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