Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Complete the Livestock Bane Side Quest?

The Livestock Bane Side Quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Information: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth presents players with an optional side quest called Livestock Bane, available while exploring the Grasslands region in the game’s second chapter.

Assisting the Local Farmer

In this quest, players aid a distressed farmer dealing with a troublesome creature causing chaos among their livestock.

Utilizing the Chocobo’s Unique Ability

To address this issue, players must use their Chocobo’s special ability to track scents. This enables them to locate the nuisance creature and put an end to its mischief.

Getting Acquainted with the Scent Mechanic

The Livestock Bane quest provides an opportunity for players to become familiar with the game’s scent mechanic in a low-stress environment. It allows for practice without significant pressure and offers various rewards and benefits as players progress.

Preparing for Future Challenges

Scent mechanics play a crucial role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and this quest serves as an initial introduction. Additional side quests will require players to utilize this mechanic, emphasizing the importance of mastering it here to effectively tackle upcoming challenges.

Rewards and Progression

Completing the Livestock Bane side quest offers players an enjoyable experience while assisting a local farmer and exploring game mechanics. By finishing the quest, players earn valuable items and experience points, advance the game’s story, and deepen their connection with its characters.

Starting the Quest

To begin the Livestock Bane side quest, players should visit the Community Noticeboard in Kalm and accept the quest. They can then use the fast travel feature to reach Oliver’s Farm, located east of Kalm.

Tracking the Creature

Upon speaking with Oliver at the farm, players receive information about the troublesome creature and are asked to help track it down. Using their Chocobo, players follow the scent trail southeast until they reach a beach along the eastern coastline of the Grasslands.

Battling the White Terror

At the beach, players confront the White Terror, a powerful Grasslands wolf. With no specific weaknesses, players should utilize their strongest spells and abilities to defeat this adversary.

Returning to Oliver

After defeating the White Terror, players return to Oliver at the farm. As a reward for their efforts, they receive an Owl Bracer, 10 Party EXP, 400 EXP, and strengthen their bond with Red XIII. Additionally, they unlock the Where the Wind Blows side quest, available on the Community Noticeboard in Kalm.

Assisting Oliver in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Players embark on the Livestock Bane side quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth not only for rewards but also to delve deeper into the game’s narrative, form stronger connections with its characters, and aid Oliver in protecting his livestock.


Q: How do I initiate the Livestock Bane side quest?

A: To start the quest, visit the Community Noticeboard in Kalm and accept the quest.

Q: Where is Oliver’s Farm located?

A: Oliver’s Farm is situated east of Kalm.

Q: What rewards do I receive upon completing the quest?

A: Completing the quest earns players an Owl Bracer, 10 Party EXP, 400 EXP, and improves their relationship with Red XIII.

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