Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Complete the Hardest Sell Side Quest?

Initiating The Hardest Sell side quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth requires players to interact with Toby at The Crow’s Nest, an action unlocked after completing the When Words Won’t Do side quest. Toby provides crucial information, directing players to the old lighthouse as their next destination.

Locating The Lighthouse

Players can easily find the lighthouse by following the quest marker, ensuring they stay on track and reach their destination without getting lost.

Encountering Kyrie and the Fiends

Upon reaching the lighthouse, players encounter Kyrie, a mysterious mercenary from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake universe. Kyrie’s presence attracts local fiends, triggering a battle against Flans initially. These creatures are vulnerable to fire magic but resilient to physical attacks. Players should utilize fire-based spells to defeat them effectively.

Confronting the White Mousses

After defeating the Flans, players face White Mousses, which lack specific weaknesses but resist physical attacks. Players should employ various spells to gradually diminish their health until they are defeated.

Reward and Conclusion

After the battle, Kyrie departs, leaving behind custom Chocobo gear for players’ companion, Belle. This includes the Merc Cap, Merc Overalls, and Merc Legwraps. Toby arrives to mark the quest’s completion, rewarding players with 10 Party EXP, 500 EXP, and a stronger bond with Red XIII.

Exploring Side Quests in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The Hardest Sell is just one of many captivating side quests in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. While not essential to the main storyline, completing it offers valuable rewards, deeper lore, and enriches the game world. It also provides an opportunity to engage with interesting characters and uncover hidden aspects of the universe.

Embarking on The Hardest Sell Adventure

In summary, The Hardest Sell side quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth presents an intriguing mystery surrounding an ancient lighthouse. By following the steps outlined in this guide, players can navigate battles, solve puzzles, and discover hidden secrets to successfully complete the quest. Accomplishing this not only grants in-game rewards but also enhances the overall gaming experience.


Q: What rewards can players expect from completing The Hardest Sell side quest?

A: Completing the quest rewards players with 10 Party EXP, 500 EXP, and a stronger relationship with Red XIII.

Q: Any specific tactics for defeating the Flans and White Mousses?

A: Players should use fire-based spells against Flans and a variety of spells to chip away at the health of White Mousses gradually.

Q: How significant are side quests like The Hardest Sell to the main storyline?

A: While not crucial to the main storyline, side quests offer valuable rewards, additional lore, and backstory to enrich the game world.

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