Estelle Harris Net Worth: Details About Salary, Sienfeld, Head, Potato, Assets

News: Estelle Harris, the beloved American actress renowned for her iconic roles in Seinfeld and Toy Story, passed away, leaving behind a remarkable legacy. At the time of her death, Harris had amassed a net worth of $59 million, complemented by assets valued at $16 million and investments totaling $30 million.

A Life of Luxury and Achievement

One notable aspect of Harris’s life was her impressive collection of assets. Her possessions included a portfolio of 13 real estate properties, 8 cars, and 3 luxury yachts. Additionally, she maintained cash reserves exceeding $11 million and a diverse investment portfolio comprising 15 stocks valued at $6 million.

Among her acquisitions, Harris notably purchased a BMW X6 for $660,000, adding to her collection of prized vehicles including a Porsche valued at $120,000, a Mercedes-Benz EqC, a Volvo XC60, and a Tesla Model S.

Yet, Harris’s success extended beyond her financial accomplishments. She embraced personal favorites that reflected her unique personality. A devoted Pisces, she admired actors like Jack Nicholson and indulged in Hershey’s Nuggets while savoring comfort foods such as apple pie. Black was her preferred color, and she found solace in reading titles like “The Family Across the Street.” An enthusiastic soccer player, she cherished her pet named Willy and found inspiration in Bob Dylan’s music. Her Apple Watch SE held sentimental value, and Sweden remained her top vacation destination.

A Remarkable Career in Voice Acting

Estelle Harris reached the pinnacle of her illustrious voice acting career when she brought the character Mrs. Potato Head to life in Toy Story 2, a role she continued throughout the franchise. She also showcased her vocal talents as Mama Gunda in Tarzan II in 2005. Harris’s versatility extended to various animated productions, where she voiced memorable characters such as Lula in Dave the Barbarian, Mama Lipsky in Kim Possible, and Thelma in The Proud Family. Additionally, she lent her voice to Mrs. Turtle in Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse, as well as Death’s mother in Family Guy.

Tragedy struck on September 20, 2001, when Estelle Harris and her husband Sy were involved in a car accident. Despite their car blowing a tire and flipping twice, both managed to escape serious injuries, a stroke of luck amidst the frightening ordeal.

A Fond Farewell

Estelle Harris, beloved actress, passed away on April 2, 2022, at her Palm Desert residence in California, just three weeks shy of her 94th birthday. Her son, Glen, confirmed that she succumbed to natural causes. Throughout her illustrious journey, Harris commanded a salary of $50,000 per episode for her stellar performances. Her acting career began in 1977 with the film “Looking Up,” which depicted the lives of a working-class Jewish family spanning three generations in New York City. Estelle Harris remained married to Sy Harris until his passing in 2021. At the time of her death, her formidable net worth stood at $59 million, a resounding testament to her unparalleled talent and enduring success within the entertainment realm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What were some of Estelle Harris’s notable roles?

A: Estelle Harris gained recognition for her memorable performances in Seinfeld, where she portrayed George Costanza’s mother, and as the voice behind Mrs. Potato Head in the Toy Story franchise. Additionally, she contributed her voice to various animated characters in popular television shows and films.

Q: How much was Estelle Harris worth?

A: At the time of her passing, Estelle Harris had accumulated a net worth of $59 million, with assets valued at $16 million and investments totaling $30 million.

Q: What was Estelle Harris’s favorite color?

A: Estelle Harris favored the color black.

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