Dokibird Selen Tatsuki Face Reveal 2024, Real Name, Age, Wiki, Name & Bio

Article Overview: This piece delves into the intriguing persona of Dokibird, an internet sensation hailing from Hong Kong, Canada, whose recent face unveiling has sparked significant interest. Known for her talent and vibrant personality, Dokibird has garnered a large following across various online platforms. Despite her widespread recognition, her true appearance, age, and identity have remained shrouded in mystery. In this article, we aim to provide readers with comprehensive insights into Dokibird’s background and recent developments.

Who Is Dokibird?

Dokibird, also known by her real name Maple, is celebrated for her engaging content and warm demeanor. With her infectious laughter and ability to spread joy, she has amassed a dedicated fan base. Maple, professionally known as Dokibird, has crafted her career from the ground up, earning recognition as a self-made success story.

Dokibird’s Face Reveal 2024: Age and True Identity

The anticipation surrounding Dokibird’s face reveal has reached unprecedented levels. Since her debut in May 2020, Dokibird has deliberately maintained anonymity, interacting with her audience through a colorful character. This deliberate choice has fueled speculation and curiosity, granting Dokibird increased privacy and control over her online persona. As rumors swirl about a potential face reveal in 2024, fans eagerly await a glimpse behind the digital veil, keen to uncover the person behind the beloved avatar.

Speculation regarding Dokibird’s true identity has intensified in recent months. While Dokibird has previously expressed reservations about revealing her face, fans remain hopeful that 2024 may bring about this long-awaited revelation. The heightened anticipation reflects the deep connection fans feel with Dokibird, eager to unravel the mystery surrounding her age and real name. Dive into this captivating story for further insights.

Dokibird Controversy

Recent reports suggest that Dokibird found herself embroiled in a contentious debate that threatened to overshadow her enigmatic persona. Her departure from the Nijisanji agency in February 2024 sent shockwaves through the virtual entertainment community, sparking intense speculation and discussion among fans and industry insiders. Allegations of contract breaches and misleading statements surrounded her termination. In response, Dokibird took to social media to address the allegations, revealing that she had been hospitalized due to bullying and toxic working conditions.

Dokibird’s candid statement shed light on the challenges faced by virtual performers behind the scenes, highlighting the pressures and difficulties of being in the digital spotlight. Despite the controversies surrounding her exit from Nijisanji, Dokibird continues to maintain a prominent presence in the virtual entertainment community.

Dokibird’s journey to online stardom has captivated audiences worldwide. While her much-anticipated face reveal remains pending, the excitement continues to build. Amidst controversies and debates, Dokibird’s resilience and ability to bring joy to her followers remain admirable. As fans await the unveiling of her face, Dokibird’s impact on the virtual entertainment landscape remains undeniable.


Q: Will Dokibird ever reveal her face?

A: While speculation abounds, Dokibird has yet to confirm any plans regarding a face reveal.

Q: What prompted Dokibird’s departure from the Nijisanji agency?

A: Allegations of contract breaches and misleading statements surrounded Dokibird’s departure, although she addressed these claims by revealing her hospitalization due to bullying and toxic work conditions.

Q: Is Dokibird still active in the virtual entertainment community?

A: Despite the controversies, Dokibird remains a prominent figure in the virtual entertainment scene, captivating audiences with her talent and charm.

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