Where Is David Yeomans Going After Leaving Kxan? New Job, Salery & Family Life

News: has been circulating online regarding the potential departure of David Yeomans from KXAN, although there has been no official confirmation as of yet. Known for his exceptional skills as a meteorologist and his stellar reputation, David Yeomans’ name has been trending on social media platforms, sparking curiosity about his career plans, potential exit from KXAN, and what his next move might entail. This article aims to explore the details surrounding this news in more depth.

Who is David Yeomans?

David Yeomans is a highly talented meteorologist who has made significant contributions to his field, earning a three-time Emmy Award-winning career driven by his unwavering passion for weather. His journey began at a young age, actively participating as a registered storm spotter and contributing to climate records for the National Weather Service.

A graduate of Westlake High School, Yeomans pursued meteorology at the University of Miami, where he gained valuable experience at KXAN, CBS4 Miami, and Spectrum News in Austin. One of his notable achievements includes collaborating with Dr. Brian Soden, a leading expert in weather change, on groundbreaking research related to water vapor and global warming.

Yeomans furthered his expertise by studying storm formation, attending prestigious meteorological conferences, and obtaining the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal from the American Meteorological Society. During his 12-year tenure at KXAN, he provided impactful weather coverage, earning recognition such as Lone Star Emmy Awards and accolades from the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters.

Where is David Yeomans Going After Leaving KXAN? New Job Opportunities:

While the news of David Yeomans’ departure from KXAN has generated significant interest, details about his next career move remain undisclosed. On February 28, 2024, Yeomans bid farewell to KXAN, concluding his role as Chief Meteorologist, which he had held since 2021. His departure has sparked anticipation among fans and colleagues, who are eager for updates on his future endeavors. Although specifics about his plans are currently unknown, Yeomans has expressed enthusiasm for embracing new challenges and personal growth.

Given his deep dedication to meteorology and commitment to research, there is heightened anticipation that David will continue to make substantial contributions to the field in his upcoming ventures. While the meteorological community and fans await further updates, it is expected that insights into David’s post-KXAN journey will be shared through his social media platforms. In an Instagram post, he reflects on his journey from a 19-year-old intern to leading KXAN, expressing gratitude for the unwavering support of the community.

David Yeomans’ Family Life:

Despite David Yeomans’ well-documented professional accomplishments, he has maintained a level of privacy regarding his personal life. However, with his departure from KXAN, some glimpses into his personal world have emerged, revealing a heartwarming story of love and commitment. David is married to Izzy Wagner, and their relationship, which began as a friendship and blossomed into romance in 2014, has been highlighted. While details about his family remain limited, any additional information will be shared promptly as it becomes available.

David Yeomans’ departure from KXAN has sparked curiosity about his next professional chapter. Although specifics about his new position have not been revealed, fans and the meteorological community eagerly await updates. With David’s deep passion for weather and extensive experience, any future role in meteorology is highly anticipated. As further details emerge, it is certain that David Yeomans will continue to make significant contributions to the field and keep his followers informed through his social media platforms.


Q: Will David Yeomans continue working in the field of meteorology?

A: Yes, given his deep interest and passion for weather, it is highly anticipated that David Yeomans will continue making significant contributions to the field in his future endeavors.

Q: When did David Yeomans leave KXAN?

A: David Yeomans bid farewell to KXAN on February 28, 2024, marking the end of his 12-year tenure as Chief Meteorologist.

Q: Is there any information about David Yeomans’ next job?

A: Specifics about David Yeomans’ next job are yet to be revealed. However, he has expressed excitement for new challenges and personal growth, leaving fans eagerly awaiting updates on his future professional endeavors.

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