How to Make & Craft Berserk in Infinite Craft?

Step 1: Gather Necessary Materials

News: Before you start your crafting journey, ensure you have all the required materials on hand. Crafting Berserk calls for the presence of Dark Souls and Guts, both vital ingredients necessary for crafting this formidable character.

Step 2: Obtain Dark Souls

Crafting Berserk requires the essential inclusion of Dark Souls. To obtain Dark Souls, combine Earth, Fire, and Greatsword. Feel free to experiment with different combinations until you successfully craft Dark Souls.

Step 3: Acquire Guts

Guts is another crucial component needed for crafting Berserk. There are two methods to acquire Guts: either combine Dark Souls with Greatsword or combine Greatsword with Anime. Both combinations will yield the desired outcome of obtaining Guts.

Step 4: Combine Dark Souls and Guts

Once you have Dark Souls and Guts in your inventory, proceed to combine them. This fusion will result in the creation of Berserk, the formidable character within the Infinite Craft universe.

Step 5: Explore Elemental Combinations

In the vast realm of Infinite Craft, you have the opportunity to explore various elemental combinations to obtain essential materials. For example, the fusion of Earth and Wind produces Dust, and combining Dust with Earth creates Planet. Continue experimenting with these combinations to discover new crafting possibilities.

Step 6: Experiment with Crafting

Exercise your creativity and experiment with a variety of element combinations to craft Dark Souls, Guts, and ultimately, Berserk. The crafting process in Infinite Craft encourages exploration and creativity, allowing you to craft unique and powerful characters.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Creation

Celebrate your success as you combine Dark Souls and Guts to reveal your crafted Berserk character. With this powerful creation, delve into the expansive world of Infinite Craft, where endless possibilities await. Continue your crafting adventures, experimenting with different combinations to unlock even more possibilities.

Infinite Craft, an engaging sandbox game developed by Neal Agarwal in 2024, empowers players to unleash their creativity by blending elements to create diverse objects and characters. Intelligent computer programs like LLaMA and Together AI add excitement and surprises to the gameplay. The primary goal of Infinite Craft is to experiment with combinations and make groundbreaking discoveries, with players receiving special recognition for being the “First Discovery” of a particular creation. Launched on January 31, 2024, on the web platform, Infinite Craft invites you to embark on a crafting journey, offering the joy of creating unique and powerful characters, including the awe-inspiring Berserk. Immerse yourself in this sandbox adventure and let your imagination soar in the limitless realm of Infinite Craft.


Q: How do I obtain Dark Souls?

A: To obtain Dark Souls, combine Earth, Fire, and Greatsword.

Q: What are the ways to acquire Guts?

A: There are two ways to obtain Guts. You can either combine Dark Souls with Greatsword or combine Greatsword with Anime.

Q: Can I create other powerful characters in Infinite Craft?

A: Yes, Infinite Craft allows you to create various powerful characters. Experiment with different combinations and unleash your creativity!

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