Casemiro’s Health / Injury Update: What happened to Casemiro?

During the match against Fulham, Casemiro, a Manchester United player, sustained an injury after colliding with Harrison Reed. Immediate medical attention was administered on the field, and Gary O’Driscoll escorted him off, indicating the injury could be severe.

Injury Details

In the early stages of the second half, Casemiro clashed heads with Reed, showing signs of discomfort afterward. In a post-match interview, the team’s manager, Erik ten Hag, suggested that Casemiro may have suffered a head injury, possibly a concussion. However, the exact nature of the injury remained uncertain at that time. Consequently, Casemiro had to be substituted out of the game and was unable to continue playing.

Impact on Manchester United

With crucial matches approaching for Manchester United, such as the Emirates FA Cup fifth-round match against Nottingham Forest and a crucial Premier League clash against Manchester City, Casemiro’s fitness is a significant concern for the team. The medical staff will carefully monitor his recovery process, aiming for his swift return to action. Nevertheless, his absence adds to the team’s challenges, given the other players sidelined due to injuries.


Q: What happened to Casemiro during the match against Fulham?

A: Casemiro suffered an injury after colliding with Harrison Reed during the match against Fulham.

Q: What is the extent of Casemiro’s injury?

A: While the exact nature of Casemiro’s injury is unclear, there are suggestions that it may be a head injury, possibly a concussion.

Q: How will Casemiro’s injury impact Manchester United?

A: Casemiro’s injury poses a significant concern for Manchester United, especially with crucial matches coming up. His absence adds to the team’s challenges, considering other players are also sidelined due to injuries.

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