Canada Housing Market: Will Housing Market Crash in Coming Year? All We Know

Canada Housing Market: Analyzing the Potential Market Trends for the Coming Year

Canada Housing Market: Analyzing the Potential Market Trends for the Coming Year

Notable Decline in Property Prices

Latest News: In keeping with the worldwide trend, the Canadian housing market has recently witnessed a sharp decline in property values, which has resulted in a contraction of market conditions.

Market Shifts and Median House Prices

After peaking in mid-2022, the Canadian housing market is expected to cool off in 2024, with median house prices falling by 15%.

Months of Inventory (MOI) and Sales Decline

September was the lowest level of detached home sales ever recorded, while the Months of Inventory (MOI) for houses increased sharply, mostly as a result of a large increase in new listings.

Challenges in Affordability and Mortgage Rates

Canada’s housing industry is now struggling with rising mortgage rates and declining affordability; as a result, it is anticipated that national house values would drop by 15% from their peak.

Market Outlook for 2024

The housing market is predicted to be skewed primarily toward buyers in 2024, with circumstances steadily improving as the market gradually recovers from affordability issues and economic headwinds that discourage prospective homeowners.

Predicted Declines and Potential Stabilization

As the economy grows and inflation drops, it is projected that the national RPS HPI will drop by a further 8%, with no rate adjustments planned until 2024. This will help to stabilize the market.

Anticipated Shift and Stabilization

The Canadian housing market is undergoing a major transition, and by 2024, more and more favorable conditions for prospective purchasers are anticipated, opening the door for a possible recovery as inflation starts to drop and economic stability increases.


Q: What has been the trend in Canadian housing prices recently?

A broad slump in market circumstances has resulted from a considerable decrease in Canadian house prices, which is in line with the global trend.

Q: What are the anticipated changes in the housing market for 2024?

A: Amidst affordability issues and economic constraints, it is anticipated that the housing market circumstances would gradually improve for purchasers, giving them a competitive edge.

Q: How are mortgage rates and affordability impacting the Canadian housing market?

A: The housing market is facing difficulties due to rising mortgage rates and decreased affordability; it is anticipated that national home values would decline by 15% from their high.

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