Next GST Payment in Canada 2024: Amount, Date, and All You Need to Know!

When Will the Next GST Payment Arrive in Canada? Here’s What You Need to Know

When Will the Next GST Payment Arrive in Canada?

Next GST Payment Date in Canada

Most recent news: In Canada, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is distributed four times per fiscal year, according to the taxpayer’s file, in an effort to combat inflation and give financial support.

Typical Distribution Date

The GST payment is normally distributed on the fifth day of the month; the October 5, 2023, payment was the most recent and was targeted mostly at low-income taxpayers.

Calculation and Payment Amount

To assist low-income taxpayers, the federal government determines the GST payment on a quarterly basis. The taxpayer’s income, family size, and marital status determine the amount of the direct payment, which is then divided into other categories.

Payment Schedule and Eligibility

The latest payment for the current fiscal year was made on October 5, 2023. The next GST payment is slated to be made on January 5, 2024. Thereafter, payments are expected to be made on April 5, 2024, and July 5, 2024, with additional payments due every four months in 2024.

Insights on GST Payment

The GST is distributed by the Canada Revenue Agency four times a year to people with low to moderate incomes. Financial aid is given to eligible individuals who are over 19 years old, have a spouse or common-law partner, and a child living with them. Financial aid is automatically deposited into their bank accounts through direct deposit, depending on their tax file from the previous year.

Qualification Criteria

In order to be eligible for the GST payment, a person’s adjusted net family income must fall within the specified range. Additionally, recipients must be residents of Canada and fulfill additional eligibility requirements as stated in the income tax filing.

Role and Conclusion

Based on their tax filing information, the GST payment serves a critical role in supporting low-income families and individuals in Canada by offering important financial support at specific points during the fiscal year.


Q: Who is eligible for the GST payment in Canada?

A: People who are over 19, have a spouse or common-law partner, a kid living with them, and low to moderate wages are eligible to receive the GST payment.

Q: How often are GST payments distributed in Canada?

A: There are four times a year when GST payments are made. The next schedule is scheduled for January 5, 2024, and the other three times are April 5, 2024, and July 5, 2024.

Q: What is the purpose of the GST payment in Canada?

A: The GST payment is intended to give low-income families and people financial assistance. The size of the payment is determined by the net income of the family and the number of children, and it is given out at predetermined intervals during the fiscal year.

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