Amanda Serrano’s Health / Injury Update: What happened to Amanda Serrano?

Update on Amanda Serrano’s Health after Fight Cancellation

Amanda Serrano, a highly regarded professional boxer, has provided an update on her condition following the cancellation of a scheduled match due to an eye injury. Despite the disappointment of not being able to compete, Serrano remains determined to stage a comeback in her homeland of Puerto Rico.

Unfortunate Eye Injury

Serrano explained that the cancellation resulted from an unfortunate incident during one of her runs. Chemicals from a hair treatment accidentally came into contact with her eye, resulting in a corneal burn. This injury rendered her medically unfit to participate in the anticipated bout against Nina Meinke.

Commission’s Decision

Despite her eagerness to compete, the boxing commission deemed it unfit for Serrano to proceed with the match. In her update, Serrano assured her fans that she is recovering well and diligently following her doctor’s instructions. While expressing disappointment about the cancellation, she acknowledged and respected the commission’s decision.

Demonstration of Sportsmanship

Taking a proactive approach, Serrano personally arranged for a full refund of tickets sold for the canceled fight. Additionally, she advocated for her opponent, Nina Meinke, to receive her full compensation. Serrano’s aim was to ensure that neither the fans nor Meinke suffered financial penalties due to circumstances beyond their control.

Determination and Resilience

Despite the setback, Serrano pledged to her fans that she will eventually return to fight in Puerto Rico, where she also intends to retire. This declaration underscores her unwavering determination and resilience in overcoming career obstacles.

Outpouring of Support

Serrano received overwhelming support from fans and fellow athletes, including boxer Jake Paul, who pledged to reschedule the fight at the earliest opportunity. This flood of encouragement serves as a strong motivator for Serrano to persevere in her boxing career despite setbacks.

Inspiration to Others

In conclusion, Amanda Serrano’s recent update reflects her commitment to keeping fans informed about her journey. Despite the setback of the canceled fight due to an eye injury, Serrano remains steadfast in her goal to return to the ring and achieve success in Puerto Rico. Her positive outlook and resilience serve as inspiration for admirers of her both as a boxer and as a person.


Q. What led to the cancellation of Amanda Serrano’s fight?

A. The cancellation was caused by an eye injury resulting from chemicals from a hair treatment accidentally getting into her eye.

Q. How did Amanda Serrano respond to the cancellation?

A. Serrano arranged for full refunds for tickets sold for the canceled fight and advocated for her opponent, Nina Meinke, to receive her full pay.

Q. Will Amanda Serrano resume boxing?

A. Yes, Serrano has assured her fans that she will eventually return to fight in Puerto Rico and retire there as well.

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