Are Amanda and Kyle Still Together? What Happened Between Kyle and Amanda? Know All About Them

News: In Season 8 of Bravo’s reality TV series “Summer House,” Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula encountered relationship difficulties. One major issue they faced was finding a balance between their professional and personal lives. Amanda expressed frustration as Kyle spent excessive time at his office, causing tension in their relationship.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

Adding to the strain was a previous pregnancy scare, which further strained their relationship. Amanda felt neglected, especially when Kyle seemed more interested in a stuffed banana he won at a carnival than in spending time with her. However, Kyle argued that his efforts were aimed at securing their financial future.

Discussions about the Future

The couple also discussed parenthood and buying a home, leading to uncertainties about their future together. However, being on “Summer House” allowed them to openly address these concerns. Throughout the season, viewers witnessed their journey as they navigated the complexities of love, work, and personal aspirations.

Staying Together Despite Challenges

Despite intense arguments and disagreements shown in the Season 8 trailer, Kyle and Amanda remained together. Recent Instagram posts suggest they are actively working on their relationship, celebrating their second anniversary in September. However, tension arose when housemate Ciara Miller questioned Amanda’s independence from Kyle, leading to confrontation.

Commitment to Each Other

Despite past challenges, including allegations of infidelity, they remained committed and got married in September 2021. They continue to support each other, often appearing together to promote Kyle’s brand, “Loverboy.”

Kyle Cooke: Reality Star and Entrepreneur

Kyle Cooke, known for “Summer House” and “Winter House,” is also an entrepreneur, founding Loverboy, an adult beverage brand. Amanda Batula is recognized for her diverse skills as an art director, stylist, and senior graphic designer.

Familiar Faces in Reality TV

Both Amanda and Kyle have become familiar faces in reality TV, appearing on “Summer House” and its spin-off, “Winter House.” These shows not only showcase their personal lives but also their professional endeavors and relationship dynamics.

About “Summer House”

“Summer House,” airing on Bravo since 2017, returned for its eighth season in 2024 with familiar and new cast members. Kyle and Amanda are joined by Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Danielle Olivera, Paige DeSorbo, Ciara Miller, and Gabby Prescod. The show offers an inside look into their lives in a Hamptons house during the summer, capturing friendships, romances, conflicts, and adventures.


Q: Did Kyle and Amanda break up during Season 8?
A: No, despite the challenges they faced, Kyle and Amanda are still together and even got married in September 2021.

Q: What other shows have Kyle and Amanda appeared on?
A: Kyle and Amanda have also appeared on “Winter House,” a spin-off of “Summer House.”

Q: What is Kyle’s brand called?
A: Kyle is the founder of “Loverboy,” an adult beverage brand.

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