Hailey Bieber’s Sister, Alaia Baldwin, Arrested For Assault And Battery In Bar Fight: Details Inside

Alaia Baldwin Arrested for Assault in Savannah, Georgia

Recent headlines have thrust Alaia Baldwin, sister to Hailey Bieber and daughter of Stephen Baldwin, into the spotlight following her arrest for assault. The news of her legal troubles has sparked widespread discussion across social media platforms and news outlets, drawing significant public attention.


Incident Details

Alaia Baldwin Aronow, known by her real name, found herself in trouble last week when she was apprehended in Savannah, Georgia. While she’s commonly recognized as Stephen Baldwin’s daughter and Hailey Bieber’s sister, her recent arrest has raised eyebrows due to her family’s fame. But what led to her arrest?

Reports indicate that Alaia Baldwin stands accused of throwing a used tampon at a bartender and physically assaulting other staff members, resulting in her arrest on four charges: simple battery, simple assault, battery, and criminal trespass. The incident unfolded at Club Elan in Savannah, Georgia.

The Altercation at Club Elan

According to Haleigh Cauley, the recipient of the used tampon, Alaia, in an intoxicated state, forcibly entered the secured employee restroom under the guise of needing to change her tampon. When Cauley asked her to leave, Alaia responded by hurling the tampon at her face. This account aligns with surveillance footage obtained by authorities.

The Savannah Police Department responded to the scene around 2:30 AM upon receiving reports of the incident. Upon arrival, they found multiple employees who had been assaulted by Alaia Baldwin. It was reported that Alaia was being ejected from the bar due to vomit found in the employee sink. Rather than leaving, she reportedly kicked a bouncer in the groin and pulled the hair of a security guard, leading to her arrest on February 24, 2024.

About Alaia Baldwin

Beyond the recent incident, Alaia Baldwin has made a name for herself as a model, fashion enthusiast, and entrepreneur. Born on January 24, 1993, in Nyack, New York, to parents Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, she is the eldest among her siblings, including sister Hailey and cousin Ireland Baldwin. Her father, Stephen Baldwin, is a well-known actor, producer, and author, part of the famous “Baldwin brothers,” while her mother, Kennya Baldwin, is an artist and graphic designer from Brazil.

Despite the recent attention surrounding Alaia’s arrest, it’s important to acknowledge her broader contributions and interests. Like anyone facing legal issues, she deserves a fair legal process. Alaia’s modeling career, passion for fashion, and family ties, particularly with her famous relatives, have made her a notable figure of interest for many.


Q: What charges does Alaia Baldwin face?
A: Alaia Baldwin faces charges of simple battery, simple assault, battery, and criminal trespass.

Q: Where did the incident occur?
A: The incident took place at Club Elan in Savannah, Georgia.

Q: What is Alaia Baldwin known for besides her arrest?
A: Alaia Baldwin is known for her work as a model, fashion enthusiast, and entrepreneur.

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