Water Returns to Rome's Baths of Caracalla in Reflecting Pool

April 4, 2024, Rome -One of Rome's most magnificent locations, the Baths of Caracalla, presented a unique pool on Thursday that reflects the magnificent remains in a striking interaction of the modern and the historic.

Named 'Lo Specchio' ('The Mirror'), the 42-by-32-meter (138-by-105-foot) pool provides a shimmering surface upon which the remnants of one of the biggest bath complexes in antiquity can be reflected.

Cultural officials stated that their goal was to convey the essence of the location rather than replicate one of Caracalla's numerous baths.

The reemergence of water is a tangible metaphor of reestablishing contact with the past, in addition to being a wonder in and of itself and a source of delight for the senses.

"Harmonizes with the ancient one, to consolidate the role of the Baths of Caracalla as a center promoting culture and art," is how the addition of modern architecture puts it.

The water and light play created by the water jets and spotlights positioned at the bottom of the pool alludes to the steam of the old baths.