The Andy Warhol Reading Guide: Dive into the Life and Works of an Icon

For nearly a century, the pop artist has captured the interest of people worldwide. If you want to review his work, attitudes, and superstars, here's what to read.

With the rare exception of a select few who endure the whims and follies of ephemeral fads and turn into stalwarts, tastemakers come and go from the public perception.

Andy Warhol is one such artist who would likely be happy that his fifteen minutes of fame had long since passed.

His star has been rising for more than a century, showering a halo around everyone who shone in his constellation. His impact has been the subject of innumerable films, songs, and books.

And with good reason: Warhol was a provocateur at his best, constantly pushing the boundaries of film, art, and attitude.

Many in his galaxy eventually fell back to Earth, maybe adding to the mystery and curiosity around him, his superstars, and his hangers-on.