Steph Curry's Incredible Golf Shot Celebration Follows Deep 3-pointer Against Bucks

Steph Curry is well-known for his unique celebration technique on the floor, and he tried something new against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are hosting the Milwaukee Bucks at home. The Warriors just returned from a three-game, three-point road trip through the East.

Curry debuted a unique golf swing celebration after hitting a 30-foot shot against the Milwaukee Bucks. Curry has had a good season, but fans expect the superstar to put up big numbers every time he plays.

Curry, poised to cross the halfcourt, comfortably beat Brook Lopez with a three-point shot, giving the Warriors an early seven-point lead in the first quarter.

As the Bucks called a timeout, Curry revealed a new celebration. The cameras saw him practicing his golf swing before returning to the bench for a rest.