SNL Hilariously Parodies Ozempic for Ramadan with Ramy Youssef

SNL's recent 'Ozempic for Ramadan' sketch is pure comedy gold!

Ramy Youssef stars in the parody ad, making fasting during Ramadan a breeze.

He says, "I used to rush to eat a whole meal before dawn. Now I just grab my prayer beads and Ozempic needle."

Kenan Thompson plays a food cart owner who can resist delicious food smells thanks to Ozempic.

SNL's hilarious ad even lists side effects like "nausea, headaches, and going straight to hell."

The sketch perfectly captures the current Ozempic craze.

Ramy Youssef also nailed his SNL monologue, addressing sensitive topics with humor.

Don't miss this hilarious SNL sketch!

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