Saturday Night Live Recap: Kristen Wiig Enters 5-Timers Club with Star-Studded Cameos Galore

The new inductee was serenaded by Paul Rudd, Paula Pell, Matt Damon, Jon Hamm, Will Forte, Martin Short, and Fred Armisen. And Ryan Gosling, too.

Everyone is familiar with me. You're aware of my source of income. I'll give you a recap of this episode, but it won't be simple. A recap of SNL. [Paints fingernails on a whiteboard].

Kristen Wiig is back hosting tonight since she is working on a new project called Palm Royale at Apple TV+.

She joins the ranks of the show's five-timers with this visit, but to be honest, that distinction has never felt less significant. Will it be acknowledged in the monologue and will the show check the box?

Though some viewers criticize the Bridesmaids actress for acting cheesy or self-indulgently, it's difficult to ignore her impact on the series—at least as a cast member. The last time the show really hit its stride, she was a focal point.

Former cast member of Saturday Night Live Siobhan Fallon Hogan remarks, "Kristin Wiig's hilarious. Her film Shelter in Solitude is screening in DC on April 16 at Catholic University's campus.

I adore that she is a Rochester girl from upstate New York. As an upstate girl from Syracuse, I am extremely happy for her accomplishments.