Remembering Suzanne Somers: Fond Memories Shared by 'Step by Step' Co-Stars

Suzanne Somers' 'Step by Step' co-stars reunite to honor the late actress, who passed away nearly five months ago.

Somers, known for her role as Carol Foster Lambert on the popular '90s sitcom, touched the lives of her colleagues with her kindness and generosity.

The cast members fondly reminisce about their time working with Somers and share heartfelt memories from their days on set.

From thoughtful gifts to memorable scenes, Somers' impact on her co-stars and fans alike is celebrated.

Patrick Duffy, who portrayed Carol's husband Frank Lambert, pays tribute to Somers' enduring legacy and the profound ripple she created in their lives.

Suzanne Somers' unforgettable contributions to television and her enduring spirit continue to be cherished by her friends, family, and fans.

As the cast honors Somers' memory, her presence and influence on 'Step by Step' remain a cherished part of television history.

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